Rangoli: 15x1 Kolam -3
Rangoli: 15x1 Dot Kolam
Rangoli: 15x1 Kolam-2
Rangoli: Peacock kolam - Before and After
Rangoli: Bird Kolam
Rangoli: Holi Kolam -2
Rangoli: Subashini's Kolam

I have reproduced Subashini's computer kolam on floor with wet rice flour. Thanks Subashini for giving us a wonderful design, and the link for her work is here

Thanks my dear friends for your encouraging words which has boosted my confidence level to take an attempt with 189 dots Smile
Thanks RajamAmma, I have followed your advice by placing dots with rice flour, then by wetmaavu.

Please pen down your suggestions.

Rangoli: Small Chikku Kolam

Another simple, (last in my collection) 7x1 chikku kolam presented in colors. I have used shades of orange, but it looked almost the same when viewed through the lens.
Please give your suggestions.

Rangoli: Red Peppers

I admire Pushpa's maakolam and her style. To give a start for the inspiration, I made this 7x1 kolam, trying to bring out chillies by colouring it.
I couldn't recollect where I saw this design and I had drawn it on my sticker pottu cover, the only available source of paper even in outdoors.
Please give your views and expecting your suggestions..

Rangoli: 10x10 Kolam

My small contribution to the 10x10 collection.
My fingers are yet to sign for a peace treaty, expecting their coordination soon..
After completion, I felt the dot spacing could been reduced and the squeezing of liquid should have been minded, Still miles to go Smile Maybe the number of dots (100) scared me :0
Expecting your suggestion, As I value them a lot.

Rangoli: Kolam for Rani

This is specially for Rani and wishing her ..... Let Rani reveal the secret. My kolam may be small, but it carries lots of affection and appreciation towards to you, Hope you like it.
The secret is hidden in her Gallery (Sorry Rani for letting out the clue)

Rangoli: Little Hearts

Happy Valentine's Day dear Friends.
Today I made this rangoli with heart shapes (Hope so). I asked my brother to tell his opinion, he glanced for a moment (little late for his office)and with a smile he said nice to see different shaped hearts in a rangoli :0, I said, as its a Valentine's Day today, each heart is beating in a different tempo, I got(should be) convinced with my answer Biggrin

Rangoli: Messy Kolam

I messed with my neighbour kid's play time:) He looked like a Perfect Angle to me, standing two feet away, no signs of naughtiness in his innocent face. The moment I stepped in, he was too happy to try his hand. So made it again. Half finished, my Angel woke up from her sleep, ready to take over the space, So this is the glimpse I managed to capture.
One of my best moments with kids Smile
Hope my next upload doesn't have any story to bore you all :0
Please pen down your suggestions.

Rangoli: My Super Duper Kolam

This freehand Maa kolam was my very first attempt on floor.
I didn't decide about the design, just started with a basic twirl and tried to extend the pattern. After the first layer my back signalled with pain, naturally the strain was felt as I was in action after a long break.
A dispute broke between symmetry and speed, symmetry grumbled with hurriedness and never ever neared to the kolam Smile
Just wanted to share and register my super duper kolam with you friends.