Messy Kolam

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I messed with my neighbour kid's play time:) He looked like a Perfect Angle to me, standing two feet away, no signs of naughtiness in his innocent face. The moment I stepped in, he was too happy to try his hand. So made it again. Half finished, my Angel woke up from her sleep, ready to take over the space, So this is the glimpse I managed to capture.
One of my best moments with kids Smile
Hope my next upload doesn't have any story to bore you all :0
Please pen down your suggestions.

Rangoli: Messy Kolam


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Vinci!!!! Very nice maakolam with pleasing colours......

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your installment kolam looks very nice vinci....bright and beautiful

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Lovely maakolam with nice cols vinci...if ur next upload doesn't have an interesting narration like this i am going to do dharna(strike-bandh)....hahaha

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lovely maa kolam!---suguna murugesan

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Nice maakkolam with attractive coloring.
Vinci, all my morning raagas have similar stories. My grandson and his friends wait for the chance to play with my kolam.Like Gajani Mohammed I repeat the same kolam till they get tired of rubbing it.

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very nice ,interesting story behind your kolam.I like your narration than your upload that angel with his mother permission, If possible.

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Very beautiful kolam and nice narration.


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Very cute kolam. Your colouring is also very attractive - as usual.

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and there seems to be a Gajini Mohammed in Vinci too Rajam - well done Vinci, I can see improvement already in your maakolam - now looks like we are going to have another maakolam expert soon - keep up the wonderful work and the excellent narration too..

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Beautiful maa kolam,vinci.

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Wow Vinci a simple yet beautiful maakolam... I personally feel bad if my kolam is disturbed, this shows it takes a big heart like urs to enjoy that as well. Got to learn that from u..

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cute and perfectly presented

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Nice maa kolam - colours and strokes are very nice.

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I just loved this Smile Narration is damn good:)

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Really pretty, the red and yellow colours enhance the beauty further.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you Jayanthi, Lakshmi (instalment he hee), Rani (Let me try ha haa), Suguna, RajamAmma (I felt this looked nice to the previous one, A good practise session for me), Subhashini (I'll try to upload 1.5yr old angel's picture), Mahalakshmi, Sindhuja, Judy (I'm left with only option - Maakolam :), Thanks for your wishes, I'll try my level best to get into the list :), Veni, Pushpa, Uma, Veena, Sowmya and mOhanaji for your encouraging words.