Rangoli: 15x1 Kolam -3
Rangoli: 15x1 Dot Kolam
Rangoli: 15x1 Kolam-2
Rangoli: Peacock kolam - Before and After
Rangoli: Bird Kolam
Rangoli: Holi Kolam -2
Rangoli: For You, With Love

Thanks Lata. Please accept my humble gift. Thanks for your patience in replying my pestering mails and giving me a push to upload my creation. Lol
If possible I'll dedicate a special kolam for your birthday which is five months away Smile

Rangoli: Minni Mouse

This Minni Mouse was done by Dharan with color powder which I forgot to upload his work done in January. He sketched down with a chalkpiece then colored it. He couldn't give a smooth outline, as you could see the smudges on the top. I needed to assist him in the bottom part for outlining and the thin shading work. Hope you'll like it.

Rangoli: Bight and Bold

Another small one, Hope you'll like it.. Please give your suggestion..

Rangoli: Small Cracker

I had a hesistation to upload my small kolam as ikolam is flooded with bigger versions of chikku kolam.... Your suggestions Please.

Rangoli: Favorite Kolam

I'm out of my hibernation with this small chikku kolam which happens to be my very favorite one. My first attempt with wet maavu. I expect your suggestion to improve myself.

Rangoli: Sunflower Flowers

Planting Sunflower borrowed from my 10 yr nephew Dharan. The base material used is rock salt. My part ended up with mixing of colors to 8kgs. of salt, which wasn't sufficient to fill the entire rangoli. Without anyone's help and supervision he had completed in three hours.

Rangoli: Freehand Rangoli

The second layer design was done by my nephew Dharan and the rest by me.. And for the final touch adopted Lakshmi's border design.. Hope you will like it...

Rangoli: Small Kolam

This one was made in a hurry, couldn't maintain a steady hand. After drawing I liked the design. Your suggestions Please...