Rangoli: 15x1 Kolam -3
Rangoli: 15x1 Dot Kolam
Rangoli: 15x1 Kolam-2
Rangoli: Peacock kolam - Before and After
Rangoli: Bird Kolam
Rangoli: Holi Kolam -2
Rangoli: Marghazi Kolam

Made my day with this kolam. Started with some design and ended to another. Your suggestions Please.

Rangoli: Marghazi Kolam

A freehand kolam. Tried with bright colours. Your suggestions Please

Rangoli: Rangoli

My first attempt in coloring. My nephews Dharan and Dhannush aged 10 and 6 respectively, urged me to present my contribution to ikolam as they are the frequent visitors to this site, So took an available design,of course they helped me a lot for this outcome.

Rangoli: Kolam

This is my debut entry into ikolam. Inspired by the legends of ikolam I'm presenting my kolam. Your suggestions Please.

Rangoli: Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

A free hand version of rangoli for Dew Drops Content. My Nephews Dharan and Dhannush lent their helping hands to me. Hope you will like it. And Bunch of Thanks for taking part in voting.