Peacock kolam - Before and After

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This is a 7-4 interlaced chikku kolam. I have adopted (suttukiten/stealed) shading techniques from our ikolam experts, Hope they don't sue me Smile

The second picture shows my little one in action.

Which one would you like to vote for?

Rangoli: Peacock kolam - Before and After


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i vote first one vinci.. superb-suguna murugesan

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Excellent rangoli.....i like the vote goes to...(little angel).....2nd part.....ha ha ha

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Oh what a cute kolam and even a cuter hand trying to play with d kolam...vinci u shdn't be even asking for a vote....sure all of us will love only d second one...haha

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How nice to see the little one in action!

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lovely and lively hands are playing very well both .Though we all love the second one definitely.Tell to show her face also.we are waiting to see the artistic cute one.

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Lovely vote goes to second one...

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Hi Vinci, this is an awesome one, with lovely shading technique used dear. Have u seen the movie Kadhala Kadhala, Kamal Hassan and Prabhudeva. Well ur painting is like Prabhudeva's and the second one is like Kamal Hassans. The latter always sells, he he so is it here.

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Wow, beautiful kolam and excellent colouring! I vote to the second one!

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Nice kolam Vinci. Ofcourse, my vote goes to the second one. It looks like a modern art. He / she has placed his / her rattle in between the kolam and started making a modern art.


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lovely rangoli... and your kid playing 2nd one is best...

umaraja's picture

both looks equally great vinci, first one shows ur fine shadings and ur interest in decorating this cute kutti kolam, 2nd one looks grt o grt bcos of our angels touch up(waiting to see ur kids foto )

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aaaahhaaaaaa lovely blue and while combination beautiful kolam vinci mam. Oh! second one - your cute little kid's art work look very nice. both are very good mam. (eagerly waiting to see your kid's photo very soon).

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Wow...Vinci...I am enjoying this work of you...enna azhagu... ethanai azhagu...but sorry my vote goes to the second one as I felt that is too original:)

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sorry vinci morning i was in a hurry. my vote is only to cute angel!-suguna murugesan

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very pretty kolam with lovely colouring. (first one) Your daughter is interestingly drawing a new design in that and this adds more beauty (second one).

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First let me vote for your darling's art work! Your peacock kolam is also very lovely Vinci.... but I had only one vote and it is already spent !!!!

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your darling is already the winner Smile sweet of her to make it soo beautiful

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Thanks Suguna, Lakshmi, Rani, Jaya Maam, Subashini, Veni, Pushpa, Nithya, Mahalakshmi, Julien, Uma, Vasanthi, Sowmya, Suguna(got your vote), Brindha, Sindhuja and Anirudh for voting my Princess's work as the best Smile

On that day, she was playing near to the main door, having an eye on me. I used a small rod to create a vertical impression on the border. After taking the photo, I entered the home without locking the main door, After placing the kola powders at the appropriate place, Retuned back to lock the door, by then she had started to draw lines with the rod on the kolam. I was astonished to see her imitating my act Smile So took a photo and wanted to share my happiness with you my friends.