My Super Duper Kolam

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About My Super Duper Kolam:

This freehand Maa kolam was my very first attempt on floor.
I didn't decide about the design, just started with a basic twirl and tried to extend the pattern. After the first layer my back signalled with pain, naturally the strain was felt as I was in action after a long break.
A dispute broke between symmetry and speed, symmetry grumbled with hurriedness and never ever neared to the kolam Smile
Just wanted to share and register my super duper kolam with you friends.

Rangoli: My Super Duper Kolam


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Wow...vinci...really this is a super duper hit kolam dear....lovely freehand design pa...hmmm uma is going to kill me if i say again a dash of kaviiiiiiiiiii........would've done wonders....hahah

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lovely maakolam!-suguna murugesan

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Very nice design,vinci

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A good try, Vinci! The pain will disappear if you think of Lakshmi, Brindha or Rani!

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Nice and simple design.

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Not only is your super duper kolam interesting but also your double super duper description dear Vinci and what I like about the whole thing is the attempt to achieve your goal. Really well done rangoli - except for the number symmetry the overall design symmetry seems to be quite ok to me. Back pain or no back pain kolam is my ultimate goal - I LIKE IT!!

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Thanks Rani (Dash of kaavi, will try to add in my next kolam, thanks for highlighting dear), Suguna Maam, Veni Maam,Jaya maam, Sindhuja, Judy (so my description was better than my kolam :), And happy you LIKE IT Smile for your encouraging comments.

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Nice one.

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nice work vinci, ur description looks so pleasant to read with, ha ha ha rani i think u r d wholesale dealer of kaavi pwdr i hope,

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hai Vinci realy super pa......

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Vinci it has come out good dear... a freehand kolam is a real challenge pa and u hv done justice to it... i think the batter is slightly thick dear, try making the batter in a milk-like consistency and try, it may seem too runny but will flow freely and will look nice after drying... try it...

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Very nice super duper kolam vinci. Really it is a good attempt.....

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beautiful maakolam.

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This is simple awesome from you vinci. very neatly done ..Really a super duper hit:)

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A good try, Vinci!

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nice design Vinci mam.


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Thanks Veena, Uma, Malar, Pushpa (I'll try , thanks for the tip :), Jayanthi, Sreegiri, Sowmya, Lakshmi and Mahalakshmi for your comments.