deepa ram

Rangoli: Fusion type rangoli with Red colours
Rangoli: Navrathri kolam
Rangoli: copy cat kolam
Rangoli: Tuesday kolam
Rangoli: Akshaya trithiya Tibetian type rangoli
Rangoli: mixed padi kolam
Here are the kolams and rangolis in this page:
  • fusion kolams
  • Pavithram rangoli
  • colour padi kolam
  • line rangoli
  • simple padi kolam
  • simple ezhlai kolam
  • kolams for pongal
  • Marghali dew drops rangoli contest 2010
Rangoli: fusion kolams

this is pink green combo line style padi kolam and rangoli fusion series which i tried after
my exams were over with full concentration

Rangoli: Pavithram rangoli

this is rangoli version of the simple kolam,i do not know the reason why this kolam is named as pavithram kolam,saw it in some website.

Rangoli: colour padi kolam

a new try of the traditional padi kolam with colours

Rangoli: line rangoli

this is a special kolam on vaikunda ekadasi day,i owe the credit of colour shading combinations used ,to rajamma mam,brindha mam,and preethi rajaganesh mam,poorni mam who are my favourite rangoli colour creation experts.i just love their sense of colours!

Rangoli: simple padi kolam

a simple padi kolam made before i paved my mud floor ready for marghazli kolam series.

Rangoli: simple ezhlai kolam

a simplest ezhlai kolam on the eve of karthigai deepam,a small try of mixing designs,hope u all like it!

Rangoli: kolams for pongal

this is the new view of the entrance with grass patchup still growing and another kambi kolam below the rangoli on the newly paved mud floor.will upload a closeup collage of the kambi kolam soon.

Rangoli: Marghali dew drops rangoli contest 2010

a small rangoli made on the slope for pongal,the light of the natural sun has changed the colour used for rangoli different.