Marghali dew drops rangoli contest 2010

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About Marghali dew drops rangoli contest 2010 : PRINT

a small rangoli made on the slope for pongal,the light of the natural sun has changed the colour used for rangoli different.

Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010
Rangoli: Marghali dew drops rangoli contest 2010


chandy's picture

very nice

lakshmiraghu's picture

very nice design and colour match!!beautiful border..Wish you all the best!

Vinci's picture

Cute and pretty. You have a unique style. I'm mesmerized by the sun's extra color.
All the best

anirudh's picture

varied colors and the design, good one wishes

sugi gomes's picture

the pleasant colours give a real maygazhi morning feel.

indulatha's picture

nice design & color

jkmrao's picture

First look - grand,
creativity - traditional,
Details - good and pleasing colouring,
Symmetry - inner layer, next layer 17, no thought seems to have been given to this aspect.
Overall - Excellent.

Regards! - mOhana

hema131177's picture

Nice round design. Most of the temples mandapam's ceiling we can see like that of design. It remembers that.

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

beautiful border , colour combination is very good all the best

dibbutn's picture

Beautifully done... the lotus looks very very pretty

Rajusree's picture

Very pretty. Nice coloring.

Sarasp's picture

Beautiful rangoli specially the borders look very grand.. All the best!

Lata's picture

Lavender roses look pretty in your rangoli Deepa. The outer borders with green and pink are so crisp looking! The main design at the center is a captivating one. Your choice of colors in this rangoli makes it more interesting! All the best! Smile

deepa ram's picture

i sincerely thank u all for ur wishes!felt like being applauded in an arena of artists.

judelined's picture

Really a very pretty creation - the sun smiling on your kolam enhances the beauty and the colour podi on the cement flooring gives it a lovely texturised look - all the best Smile

Vasi's picture

Very cute.