Pavithram rangoli

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About Pavithram rangoli:

this is rangoli version of the simple kolam,i do not know the reason why this kolam is named as pavithram kolam,saw it in some website.

Rangoli: Pavithram rangoli


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This looks very cute Deepa, and the border on one side really looks very pretty!!


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color combination

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Deepa maam very pretty kolam and I liked the way you have used color podi to make it but the purple color and blue color dont combine well maybe yellow and purple or blue and purple would have been nice... just my opinion... yet the kolam is drawn very well

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Deepa, as far as i know this kolam we put this kolam first and then put the mat or manai which we use to sit for the poojas and the newly married couple or on auspicious days like Deepavali, marraige and upanayanam. even your kolam is very nice.

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Very nice kolam, the design is beautiful

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Though the kolam is good it looks pale.( Pavithram is the one made up of Dharpai-pullu or gold, men used to put in their fingers before doing Homam/pooja for getting contact with nature's power... The knot in your kolam resembles two such pavithrams combined. Sudha has given the other informations)

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nice kolam.

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Nice kolam deepa.

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Though it is a very pretty kolam, I too felt that the choice of colours were wrong - makes the entire kolam look very dull. The small border at the top corner is really cute Smile

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For a change you've made a blueish lavender kolam, and I think it looks nice, with big (sort of) padams and extra curls, lotuses. Nice variety Deepa. Smile

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Following Rajamma mam usage of recycled colour powders, i tried this one mixing all the swept colour podis i used for previous kolams,may be the reason for the dull colouring,will try to take care of that next time