deepa ram

Rangoli: Fusion type rangoli with Red colours
Rangoli: Navrathri kolam
Rangoli: copy cat kolam
Rangoli: Tuesday kolam
Rangoli: Akshaya trithiya Tibetian type rangoli
Rangoli: mixed padi kolam
Rangoli: Ramanavami 2 kolam

kolam specially made with kola kuzhlal for rama navami on the slopes,not as beautiful as Brindha mam's kolam,but ok to see,ur comments please!

Rangoli: Rama Navami special

a kolammad specially for Ramanavami long time after on mud floor but turned out very normal due improper colouring and it was run over by vehicles the minute i completed it.

Rangoli: Sri Rama Navami

a special kolam for rama navami, another one on the mud floor follows this kolam

Rangoli: Maa kolam

a small maa kolam for pongal,had it in store but due to its dull look hesitated to post but out now

Rangoli: copycat kolam

a copycat chikku kolam with colours,stealing the design from one of our members kolam

Rangoli: Fusion Linga kolam

another piece of colour kolam with the mix of a linga design padi kolam

Rangoli: pink and blue fusion

another kolam in the series of fusion colour kolams that has been my favourite workout trials recently

Rangoli: star rangoli

a fusion series star line kolam filled with colours,but the shades are faded due to the bright sun