Margazhi dew drops kolam contest -2012

Submitted by dibbutn on Tue, 02/21/2012 - 07:11
This is my contribution to the Marghazhi Contest, a dotted chikku kolam with dot count 27-1. Hope you all like it :)

Aahaa...push very neat and such a divine look ur kolam is giving pa....thank god u participated....all d best dear... :bigsmile:
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Thank you Ranima... frankly it was because of your insistence that I put the kolam, otherwise I was so reluctant with all the commotion going on at my place, thank you dear for that, I am glad I participated :) :)
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Sugu dear, actually the strokes are quite fat like me pa :D :D perhaps due to long shot it looks thin... hmm I guess even I should take long shot photos of mine to look thin ;) ;) anyways thanks dear for commenting.
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Padma Prakash

Wow, wonderful and superb maa kolam Pushpa. Its perfect and complete in all respects. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: All the best.
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Very neat, palich and beautiful kolam with bright diyas, Pushpa:) It is glowing like a star in the dark sky!
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Pushpa, edho kovilukkulle ponadhu maadhiri ore Dheiveega effect! As usual very neat excecution of wet maavu kolam. The chikku kolam with floral arrangement is very beautiful. Mild coloring gives a pleasing effect and it matches with the lamp light. On the whole a pretty work both for admiration and copying.
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beautiful kolam ...beautiful border ...beautiful deepams ....beautiful coloring....beautiful strokes....yennala avolodhaan sollamudiyum.All the best pushpa.
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