Let's go on a cruise

How are you all doing? Schools are yet to resume at our end of the globe and we have a few more days of our summer vacation left. It is upto us to enjoy them to their fullest. After spending some time thinking about what could be done in these last few days of summer, this is what we’ve come up with:- What could be more relaxing and rewarding that going on a cruise with friends and family? Won’t you please join us? Read More

Rangoli: Cruise theme

lata mam., i am sending my rangoli for Cruise theme... check it.. mam..

Rangoli: cruise

Here is my submission of cruise .I draw myself the creatures as usual on photo shop.The dot grid...

Rangoli: Let's go on a cruise

I imagined that all small colourful fishes are dancing round a star fish. Let us also dance...