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subashini Tue, 09/20/2011 - 16:26
Suguna Murugesan
wow i'm ready! thanks for sharing! lovely ship n sea creatures!-suguna murugesan
Tue, 09/20/2011 - 21:15 Permalink
Suba, thanks for the invite in this lovely cruise ship. Please ask ur captain to pass through Dubai, so that I can board from here. Very nicely made sea creatures for the theme. Mahalakshmi
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Dr.Rekha Shetty
Suba i have packed my lagague and some dosa franky for maha and idli fry for july's daughter and lot's of paraths for other friends .let's chalo cruise mei "Chalenghe hum cruise mei boolkhe iss jeevan ke janjat kho nachenghe kelenghe dum machahenghe ikolam members ke saath din bitahyenghe kaise honghe ho hasin din aur rath neela haasman ke neeche shant sagar ke oopar pani ke dad dadathe layer per mchliyonnka kelna kya yaha yek sapna tha? ya yek hakikath ........"
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Very nice. Suba naan ready, neega readya... i will definitely come on the cruise cos that way i can get to learn photoshop from u dear :)
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Omg did u make those sikku patterns for d letters....too good pa....ready ready...
Tue, 09/20/2011 - 23:31 Permalink
wow...subha mam...excellent creation...liked it so much....amazing chikku design letters ...So when is your ship passing through Mumbai so that I can grab my bags to board and could get a chance to met you all.
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hahaahha subashi mam... your cruise ship only for members ?.... it means members & familya?...... i am also ready to round the world.... i think your 1st members nearest my place... so come and collect my pack up things... already Reka Mam was decided to food parcel... we are ready.... maha u wait pa..... 1st indian members then we will come 2 dubai.... A.Julien
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Amazing.... Great work!!! Thanks..
Tue, 10/25/2011 - 11:05 Permalink
wow..lovely work..come to Australia also :)we ll catch up
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