ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...this 9x5 dotted kuzhal kolam was done for d cruise theme...i am reminded of maha's words...i am so so happy coz this is my own creation...hope u too like this...ur views pl...



Lata's picture

Wow, cool and warm color pallettes!
It's so hard to decide which ones are my favorites, so, will be back. :0

Suguna Murugesan's picture

wow rani beautiful!-suguna murugesan

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u lata....anything for u dear...haha and thanks suguna....

vijaysowmya's picture

Wow!!!!This one looks very different and cool!!!! Very nice imagination and I simply loved those small small yachtes in your theme Rani....well done.

umaraja's picture

this is such a novel idea rani,,, looks so colorful pa,,i just love these football fishes,,,hmmm unga roller neenga yenna sonnalum kkudhu,, but mine is tooooooooooo disobedient

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

reserve yellow and blue to me before lata decides which ine she prefers okay ...indeed a unique idea dear

Lata's picture


(Ok brain, don't just sit there crying, think of how to bribe Rani so she ends up giving the piece to you, or think of a plan to snatch it from Dr.) :0

rajamma_2's picture

colourful fish balls... Rani nice idea!

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u sowmi, uma(i am just waiting to give u a dragger will be lot easier than kuzhal), thank u rekha mam, ayyo lata is it so ...ur choice was d same to solve this biiiig issue....ok...comeon...whatsin ur list of bribe...haha...let me see ..although..i am sure rekha mam will give u ur choice ...won't u rekhaji...thank u rajamma mam....

Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Lata dear Mr.Anna Azare abd the team(entire India) watching u from here (bribe …corruption...?)

Padma karthik's picture

Very nice rani maam...
I like the green n pink very much.. Reserve that one for me
- PadmaKarthik

alameluranganath's picture

nice dotted kuzhal kolam gudone.

srichak's picture

Nice imagination and nice colors. Cool creation rani.

subashini's picture

very nice fish kolam Rani.

ammuchandhini's picture

Haha...rekha mam...when did Anna Hazaare join ikolam..., thank u padma(its urs mam), thanks priya, sridevi, suba....

smahalakshmi's picture

Wow, Rani, beautiful creativity pa. Lovely colourful balls.

Yes dear, now u would have realised how much happy I would have felt on that day when I submitted kolam with my own imagination.


Dr.Rekha Shetty's picture

Ammu i said Anna and his team the entire indian the way what bribe our lata dear offered u/pl let me know i can plan........

nithyaashok's picture

Beautiful kuzhal kolam something differs from the usual kolam. Very nice.

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u maha, rekha mam(what bribe seems lata will publish as many as ten kolams of mine on d same tell me whats ur plan....)and thanks nithya...

anirudh's picture

quite an interesting design....hmm we can play with these while on the cruise ships have big open place to play Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u anirudh...haha...nice idea .....