Rangoli: Thoranam
Created by Purni on 2009-07-15,

This one was done by my sister Sonia, with my idea of joining Roses & Leaves. She is very good in knitting, too.

Rangoli: Glass Painting
Created by Purni on 2009-07-14,

This one was done by my sister, Sonia. She is not a member in Ikolam, yet. So I am uploading this on her behalf.

Rangoli: Turtle for a school project
Created by Visitor on 2009-07-07,

My clay turtle for a school project.
And, my friend's eagle too, made by Emily Zhong.

Rangoli: Origami flowers
Created by anirudh on 2009-06-29,

Kawasaki complicated rose (red) and simple rose (dark pink).
Star flower, leaves...using my color print paper Smile

Created by madhuharini on 2009-06-24,

my first trial of jewel making. Look at for ur comments and ideas.

Rangoli: Rakhis
Created by sjnt on 2009-06-20,

These rakhis are made with cornflour. Those who have seen my Lhamasa flremember. These aroral frame may e made with the left overs of those flowers.

Rangoli: Paper Earring
Created by sjnt on 2009-06-18,

This too is made with curled paper strips. Very light weight. One disadvantage is that you can't wear it in the rain.

Rangoli: Miniature doll
Created by Visitor on 2009-06-17,
This rangoli was published on 2009-06-17.
Rangoli: Origami Paper
Created by anirudh on 2009-06-17,

These samples will give different style and natural look to flowers. I tried to search for these in the stationary stores, but cud not get all kinds, so knocked off with my computer and printer.

Rangoli: Rose card
Created by sjnt on 2009-06-11,

Another variation of the rose card. Sky is the limit for the layout of the cards.