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These rakhis are made with cornflour. Those who have seen my Lhamasa flremember. These aroral frame may e made with the left overs of those flowers.

Rangoli: Rakhis


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One lucky brother! I can imagine the pampering Smile

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Edhaiyum vittu vekkadinga- dosa maavu, corn flour....
Btw, whose lucky hand is that Jayanthi?

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Wow Jayanthi Ma'am.... its cool.... to be apt, very cute.... more than one month left for Raksha Bandhan.... Thanks for the idea....

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Rakhi, tatoo - what next??? Oh My God Jayanthi - this is like Amudhasurabi Smile

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Hi Madam,
I have just joined this site.
The Rakhis are soo good...
I was so impressed over this site also
kindly say us how to make the rakhis

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They look great maam. Please share with us how you created these wonderful works

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So cute, plz explain how u made it, am thinking of making sumthing for 3 yr old kids as my sons bday s nearing:)

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Yes, they are gorgeous...please share the method..last year I made rakhis too...I'd like to learn this method as it seems very intricate.

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Very nice