Turtle for a school project

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My clay turtle for a school project.
And, my friend's eagle too, made by Emily Zhong.

Rangoli: Turtle for a school project


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Way to go, Diya dear..... Your turtle looks so adorable..... Emily's eagle looks great, too.... It looks as if it is gonna take a flight and get hold of ur turtle.... Wink .... Its so very wonderful to see your creativity.... Just Keep Up Your Good Work..... and yeah, all the best with your projects....

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well done Diya.The turtle and the eagle colors are so real like and looks as though any minute there will be an attack!

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hey diyu kutti, super turtle... today evening going to buy clay... your creations always brings out the kid inside me... and secretly i used to attempt everything in your gallery.. now its clay time..

I have a flash back memory on clay playing...

My sister and myself used to play with clay a lot during our school days. Once when mom and dad came back from shopping we were in the middle of a big clay throwing fight .... my strong atheletic sister hurled my beautiful clay creation on the ceiling and it got stuck there.. When my dad came it exactly fell on him and I got punishment from dad, I had to miss the 8:30 popeye show and had to study while my sister was enjoying the cartoon show eating a huge mango... The newly painted ceiling had the oil mark... Beautiful days of my life ...

btw did you paint this clay ??? Particularly did your friend put black colored spots on the eagle ??

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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Judy mam... manasukulla kutti ponnu diya voda gallery ya kooda vida matuka gowri ellathaiyum copy adichura nu nennaikureengala Lol

Btw enna poitinga ala kanum ...are you fine ??? how is anita ?? i think you must be meditating in front of the computer with you photoshop to create some more designs.. missing you ...

Gowri Manohari Narayanan...

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Diya wonderful creation,great keepit up.

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Very nice divya.. keep up your good work .... every time your work reminds my childhood days....

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Nice! Eagle waiting for tortoise to bring out its face?
Gowri's real life episode is interesting!
I used to give my sons a piece of 'chapathi dough' and encourage them to make clay models with that. They would make lizards, elephants, turtles....and eat them finally!

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Diya this turtle is so pretty - only thing you forgot to put two black dots for the eyes.. and the eagle looks like it is ready to pounce on the turtle anytime...