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  • Happy Independence Day!
  • Happy Independence Day
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Rangoli: Independence day
Created by subashini on 2010-08-14,

This collage was made for Independence day .After your views and reviews , I will send another set.{try to do so}

Rangoli: I love my India
Created by rajamma_2 on 2010-08-14,

We Indians,
Respect Sacrifice and renunciation of material gain (Saffron)
LOve Peace and light, the path of Truth ( white)
Relate to Nature and soil on which life depends (Green)
And it is our Dharma!

"Vandhe Maatharam"

Rangoli: Happy Birthday India!
Created by jkmrao on 2010-08-14,

Here are the best birthday wishes to India, younger than me, but really ancient! The saffron hexagons, the blue squares and green triangles on a white ground are all arranged hexagonally. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: independence day kolam
Created by ddaayy on 2009-08-17,

hi this is my independence day kolam...jus a free hand drawing...i hope u ppl like tis and pls post u r comments to upgrade myself

Rangoli: Indian flag
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-08-14,

Indian Flag on pavan school uniform.snap taken on 15/8/09.

Rangoli:  INDEPENDENCE DAY celebration in our colony.
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-08-14,

Hi ! every year in our colony we do celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY by hoisting the indian flag by the senior member from the colony.this time the flag was hoisted by Smt.JAYALAKSHMI SETHURAMAN(retd head mistress).i thought of sharing with you all.

Rangoli: Happy Independence Day!
Created by pavan kashyap on 2009-08-14,

HAPPY INDIAN INDEPENDENCE DAY...i designed this in photoshop for indian independence day.


Rangoli: Happy Independence Day
Created by Purni on 2009-08-14,

Saare jahaan se achha
Hindustan hamaara
Hum bulbule(n) hai(n) uski
Woh gulsitaan hamaara.
Parbat woh sabse uncha
Hamsaya a'smanka
Woh santari hamaara
Woh pasban hamaara. Godime(n) khelti hai(n)
Jiski hazaaro(n) nadiya
Gulshan hai jinki damse
Raksh-I-jinan hamaara.. Mazhab nahin sikhaata
Aapas main bair rakhna
Hindi hain hum watan hai
Hindustan hamaara.

The Past is over and the Future beckons to us now....

Here We stand being Proud Indians, celebrating 62 years of Glory. Wishing You all a very Happy Independence Day...

Rangoli: paDikOlam for Indian Independance Day
Created by jkmrao on 2009-08-14,

This is a paDikOlam I designed with the colours of the Indian flag (saffron, white, blue, green). Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Rangoli for August 15
Created by maya_rk on 2009-08-14,

This is my rangoli. Dots are 13 to 7.
I hope you like it.