Happy Independence Day

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Saare jahaan se achha
Hindustan hamaara
Hum bulbule(n) hai(n) uski
Woh gulsitaan hamaara.
Parbat woh sabse uncha
Hamsaya a'smanka
Woh santari hamaara
Woh pasban hamaara. Godime(n) khelti hai(n)
Jiski hazaaro(n) nadiya
Gulshan hai jinki damse
Raksh-I-jinan hamaara.. Mazhab nahin sikhaata
Aapas main bair rakhna
Hindi hain hum watan hai
Hindustan hamaara.

The Past is over and the Future beckons to us now....

Here We stand being Proud Indians, celebrating 62 years of Glory. Wishing You all a very Happy Independence Day...

Rangoli: Happy Independence Day


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Purnima ur kolam looks simple +sweet+neat+cute...keep it up

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Thanks a lot, Lakshmiji..... had much more in mind.... but the downpour on the night before wasnt stopping at all..... had to manage this within the most dry space i got.... Smile

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Yes purnima my sister- in -law told heavy rain in b'lore....

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And a nice song to go with it too:)

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Thank You Lataji..... waiting for Dharun to catch up with Hindi..... Thanks to his school, he already knows Vandhe Matharam...... but I want to teach him this one so desparately as this is my favourite....

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Actually my Mom came here last weekend..... My Dad was to arrive at 6.30 yesterday morning.... but due to the rains the roads were totally muddy, it seems.... he reached Hosur at 7am.... but managed to reach Electronic City only by 11am... whereas on normal days it takes just 20minutes from Hosur to EC....

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Nice rangOli. Good colours.
In my opinion, a song like this must be the national song.
Well, the author of this song made history in his own way Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Cute flower ,great idea for the day

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While seeing this kolam i had some strange feeling which i am not able to explain now. I also like this song very much. It refreshes our mind. Good patriotic work Purni.

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As usual a simple but beautiful, patriotic, and innovative kolam... nice imagination Purni ma'am... incidentally I stay near Bommanahalli so I know how the weather was ....

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Purni's touch is there, everywhere!

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Thank You all for your Sweet Comments.

JKMji, I feel the same way as You about the song. My Grandpa who was an Exserviceman taught this to me. He is no more, but here's an assurance that this Song would not be taken as a history from the past, but would be passed on and on to the Future. Smile

Thank You so much Sumathi Ma'am, Pushpa Ma'am(gud to know you stay closeby) & Jaya Ma'am.

Brindha Ma'am, I am nowhere near You in this way of Art. Every Indian shares the same feeling about the Song, I bet. And as far as the strange feeling is concerned, I hope its something good(just kidding);)..Thank you so much.

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Purni, Hats off to you.A beautiful flower reminding us the national flag by its colors, and an apt patriotic song.......u paid your respect to our mother land in ur own unique way.
Yes, on 14th night it was raining heavily in B'lore. My cousin's family forced me to join them for a short lightning trip to an old temple in Kerala which I was longing to visit.We travelled once the rain stopped, i.e early morning 3 A.M thru the water logged hosur road reached the place in the after noon, had good dharshan and returned on Sunday night. I came with cold, cough and fever, now on medication. will join u all after sometime.( But was tempted to see all the new entries and ur kolam made me write this)

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Thanks a lot, Rajamma Ma'am... Hope you had a safe and great trip..... Do tk good care of yourselves.... Hope the Cold and cough gets away very soon...would miss you anyways, so please come back soon....

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Very nice job purniji.....nice imagination.....hats off purniji

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Thank You, Radhaji...

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nice one Purniji...only one small correction the blue chakra dots should be 24 not 26 :)...thats how my social-studies teacher used to give marks when there was good flags were drawn...but really awesome design with borders for small space.

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Really very pretty Purni - in your own style too, that's the best part...

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Thanks a lot, Anirudhji for Your comments as well as Your Time to make my work perfect..... Would take care about it for sure as I too have learned that from My SS Teacher...... Thank You once again....

Thank You so much, Judy Ma'am.... the pleasure is all mine....