Happy Birthday India!

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Here are the best birthday wishes to India, younger than me, but really ancient! The saffron hexagons, the blue squares and green triangles on a white ground are all arranged hexagonally. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Happy Birthday India!


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vandhe maatharam,

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lovely design.....Oh!! what a way of wishing younger India !!

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lovely designs jkm sir...wish u d same...

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Very lovely design sir.

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JKM sir, excellent design for the I-Day, a perfect gift for india's independence. thank you very much

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JMK sir very pretty design... this reminds me of an instrument we used to use when we were small... i dont know the name, it was a round plastic disc with holes around it where we place a pencil/pen in the holes and rotate and it will form a design... anyway this looks wonderful

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Superb rangoli....

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Thank you sir. For a great wish to Mother (Lady know !!! thats why always young......) India. Does the wheels represent, India moving towards progress (in education,medicine & technology, humanity, integrity,population etc. etc..)

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In the thumbnail image saw a star with rounds alround. And to surprise a Patriotic design. Thanks for the Independence Day kolam..The variation in the triangle angle looks nice.

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Pretty design JKM but it looks a bit pixilated - if it were sharper it would have been excellent. Pushpa you are talking of Spirograph - yes looks like Spirography Smile

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very nice sir.வாழ்த்த வயதில்லை நமக்கு தேங்க்ஸ் போர் ஷேரிங் .

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Nice design, JKM Sir, looks like made of thread!