I love my India

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We Indians,
Respect Sacrifice and renunciation of material gain (Saffron)
LOve Peace and light, the path of Truth ( white)
Relate to Nature and soil on which life depends (Green)
And it is our Dharma!

"Vandhe Maatharam"

Rangoli: I love my India


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vandhey maatharam.Long live India.really fantastic idea , color and design."இந்திய நாடு என் நாடு , இந்தியன் என்பது என் பேரு .

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Oh!! different makeup..dots gives rich look to this...rajammaji i have drawn one rangoli with same dots in front of thulasi last 4 days back and uploaded it..

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Lovely thought and design,mam.Happy independence day.

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rajamma mam....wish u d same...ur rangoli is awesome....

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Beautiful tri colour patriotic rangoli.

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Rajam, Hmmmmmmm what an awesome design? The combinations looks very superb. the design in very elegant.

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Rajamma maam this is so good... kumil kolam effect is very nice

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Kumil kolam is superb

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Beautiful kolam & good colour combination.

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Rajamma Mam, thanks for the wishes and from my end also belated wishes too. Very cute and good kolam.

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beautiful kolam to respect and understand the importance of the independence day

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Really beautiful.
Happy Birthday India!

Love is the answer

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Tricolor kolam for a Special Day in our country's calender.. Awesome...
Kolam incorporated with different drawing medium and techniques and ofcourse with hearts of love.. Excellent Rajamamma.
Can you give us the tips for the kumizh effect?

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Vande Maatharam ....such a simple design becomes great in hands of Rajammaji....the cute kumiL hearts are added attraction

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WOW what a suberb kolam this one is Rajam. The kumzhil effect is simply fantastic. Good try. The colour combination is excellent - green orange and white - maybe a blue centre would have added attraction. The dots and dashes have done the magic. Absolutely bewitching kolam Smile

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vndhe maatharam. very nice rajamma ji.

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Superb kolam Rajam. Though it is small, attracts more. We love India as well as your kolam very much Smile

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Thank you all for admiring and commenting on this rangoli. Last week I just put this small wet maavu kolam. the design was 4 windmill/Kaaththaadi design put on all 4 sides.( with 9-5 dots, inbetween dots) and I put 4 heart shapes to combine the left out dots on the outer design. When it was completed it looked like a "confused... mixture " kolam. Suddenly it appeared as our Motherland, India, with so many states with different cultures, languages,customs and beliefs. So I decided to put the tricolor hiding the main design and creating a Unity in diversity and showing our Love for all from all the 4 sides. with "hearts" highlighted with KUMIZH dots.

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Hi paati wonderful kolam, I am so sorry I could not send in anymore kolams because I have to study and next year one of the most inportant exams are coming up. I really wanted to see all your kolams as well as the rest of the member's kolams. I sincerly apologise. I will do my best to coax amma into letting me send in pictures into Ikolam.

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Rajam, I missed seeing this kolam all these days! The heart is the highlight of this kolam that stand out in Indians!