Rangoli: Paisley
Created by preetiN on 2010-07-02,

This is a freehand drawing made with a black pen on an A5 size paper.

Rangoli: Mango design
Created by sivapriya_ssp on 2010-04-07,

This is the mango design.I felt very tired while doing this.

Rangoli: Flower and mango design
Created by sivapriya_ssp on 2010-03-27,

This is the rangoli i did in my hometown.First i painted the outline with white paint. then on the day of pongal i coloured it.

Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by toindhu on 2010-03-25,

A rangoli sent by Indu Gopal. She would add the description in a few days.

Created by ankita seth on 2010-01-26,

The rangoli is made up of rangoli colors and is free flowing.

Rangoli: A present to all sisters of ikOlam :-)
Created by jkmrao on 2009-10-20,

Deepavali is a long festival. It starts on the 13th day and goes on until the fifth day after the new moon. Several legends are associated with this - the story of Rama, the story of Krishna, the story of Lakshmi, the story of Bali. The second day is for the brothers and the third day for the sisters. The fourth day is for the serpents (fertility rites) and the fifth day for the garuDa (to be free from snake bites). As a big brother (by age) in ikOlam, here is a present for all the younger and (may be very few) older sisters. You can see a sari designed by me with gorgeous mango borders and a paisley pallav, pEDA and murukku arranged symmetrically, coconuts, fruits, betel leaves and turmeric. Enjoy!

Rangoli: Snake
Created by Lata on 2009-06-09,
This rangoli was published on 2009-06-09.
Rangoli: Paisley - 2
Created by jkmrao on 2009-06-09,

The paisley design looks like a tear drop or a comma. It is used quite extensively
in embroidering textiles. People juxtapose various sizes of paisley patterns
sometimes. In every household this design is present in a curtain, sari or a
hand kerchief. Here are the last three paisley designs.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Paisley - 1
Created by jkmrao on 2009-06-09,

Of all the border designs, the most popular one is the so-called paisley design.
This is nothing but a stylised version of the mango design. This design by way of
India, Persia reached the European countries like France, Holland and England in
the seventeenth century. These patterns were printed. The name paisley
owes its origin to the Scottish town Paisley. Returning soldiers and officials
brought these patterns from India. These were printed extensively on the local
textiles. Here are four border creations out of the possible seven.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Rangoli
Created by indirasundhar on 2009-05-15,

When my son was sleeping, i had a little time. So i drew this freehand design