Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

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About Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010:

The rangoli is made up of rangoli colors and is free flowing.

Freehand Rangoli
Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010


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This is the best rangoli i have seen so far.......Simply awesomeeee!!!!!!

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very beautiful, colour shading is wonderful

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Wow ! it is really very beautiful, i agree with the above comment that this is one of the finest finest and beautiful rangoli i have ever seen. Good

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Ohhhh.........this is marvelous rangoli. Beautiful design, beautiful colors, great concept.......Just loved it....:)

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Superb work, nicely colored, such a innovate rangoli i have ever seen this.

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i must say ths rangoli being traditional showing newly-created patterns ....cheers for such innovators....

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beautiful design and colours..very nice border...inside flowers come out very nice.Wish you all the best!

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khoob bhaloo...the colours are really amazing...

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more people should vote

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The rangoli seems to made with real patience as minute details can be easily seen. The use of pots & flowers compliment the rangoli. And the colours used are also very bright...awesome rangoli made...great job!

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this is something very creative i like this one shld carry the gd wrk.

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cool one...looks like an invitation wishes

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i amazed to see your patience best of luck awesome work

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good work .... keep it up

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everything about this rangoli is the colour and shape...

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hey really nice work...wat form of artwork is this...alll the bestt !!!

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all the best...hope this win ...

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bahut accha kaam hain...shubh kaamnaayein

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very nice

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excellent work.hope this wins. colour shading is superb.very unique.keep it up ankitha ji.

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Nice work!

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First Look - enticing,
Creativity - Novel,
Details - Took good care of the minute details,
Symmetry - well maintained, however the green colour comes in the way,
Overall - Excellent

Regards! - mOhana

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very unique design

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beautifully done

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Awesome...All the best.....:-)))))))))))

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wah re meri multi talented bhabhi ji!!!! its very nice.....the colours combination is awsome!!!!! keep doin the good work.....:):)

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Looks like a saree design ,beautiful work

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Awesome rangoli! keep it up

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Very nice,unique one

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simply awesomeeeeeeee
shading has been done very nicely
it is very very beautiful

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Beautifully drawn and shading is excellent... loved the way you used the pots in this

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A pair of captivating paisleys! Beautiful choice of colors, and lovely gradations indeed!

The placement of the matkaa-shaped diyas and the Uruli at the center adds to the overall beauty.

(matkaa - a hindi word for a pot
uruli - a tamil word for the (shallow) pot seen at the center of this rangoli)

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Beautiful Rangoli Smile

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Unique design, lovely shading, creatively laid out and I must agree that it looks like a saree pallu design indeed - all the best Smile

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This looks creative and unique

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very nicely done ...... keep it up

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too gud yaar... wonder how some ppl are really blessed with creativity...

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hey dats just superb... never seen such vibrant use of colors...

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wonderful! best rangoli i have ever seen!

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Very nice.

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Its really a good work... Best.... keep it up..

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nice rangoli........... u r the best

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nice clolur and neat work.all the best.

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Excellent, novel, neat and colorful work


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Very Nice....awesome Rangoli...

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very well done .... all the best

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all the best ...... its amazing

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its awesommeeeeeeee

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very nice