Paisley rangoli

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I did this paisley rangoli with wet rice flour. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Paisley rangoli


ammuchandhini's picture

nice mango design....

sudhabalakrishnan's picture

paisleys has really come out well. you could have used a dark background .

rajamma_2's picture

Your ovel shaped kolam design is very nice. very old photo?

judelined's picture

An oval kolam is quite rare - nice one Smile

Vinci's picture

A different shape and design.
Looks like casually done.

lakshmiraghu's picture

nice kolam

dhanusundar's picture

ya thanx for ur comments. its not old one rajaamma, last week only i put this kolam but i forget to update the date nd time on my camera

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Very nicely done oval kolam.

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Simple and nice

ushavenkatesh's picture

very nice,

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nice design, looks like a mat.