guess who

Rangoli: egg shell painting (Guess 6)
Created by Dr.Rekha Shetty on 2011-03-07,

This is ne simple guess for women's on women's day .plese check who is this man.Very simple so no hint is given

Rangoli: Inspirational Kolam
Created by judelined on 2010-10-01,

Straight Dots: 15 - 1

This is one of Veni's kolams ( which inspired me recently. I changed the central portion and made a new kolam. I put this kolam in my balcony to welcome a couple of friends who came home last week - but had a really tough time trying to spread the kolapodi on that smooth surface as the wind was trying to blow away my strokes as soon as I put them. I finally managed to complete it (not to my satisfaction though). My friends liked it very much - hope you all like it too Smile

Let the game begin again, after a long gap!
(I hope the friends who had seen this in person would not give away the answer). Can you guess who made this? Smile

Rangoli: Nee paadhi naan paathi kanne, Adhu neeyinri thoongaadhu penne,
Created by sjnt on 2010-04-12,

This is a kolam put paadhi- paadhi {50 - 50] by Rajam and me. We did this till 1.30 in the midnight yesterday. Now you have to guess which half is put by her and which by me? We dedicate this kolam to those who tell the correct answer. Come on.... pull up your socks...Your time starts NOW!

Rangoli: Guess who?
Created by indira sundar on 2009-09-28,

Here is one more rangoli enthusiast who wants to play the "guess who" game. Now who could that be? Any ideas?

Rangoli: Ringa Ringa roses
Created by subashini on 2009-09-15,

One of our rangoli enthusiast is interested in playing our "guess who" game. Can you guess who it is?

Here is the original description:
I like pookolam very much. Lata, I want to play "guess who".Is this suitable for this?

Rangoli: Chair and an animal rangoli
Created by Lata on 2009-08-28,

Boo hoo hoo!! No one guessed my name for the "guess who" game!! Some one suggest a good therapist!

Rangoli: Guess who? Rangoli
Created by Lata on 2009-08-26,

Here comes a Chiku kolam for the "Guess who" game. The artist would also like you to name this animal. I don't see any more rangolis meant for this game, which means, after the guessing is over on this rangoli, the Game is over. Smile

Rangoli: Guess who?
Created by jkmrao on 2009-08-21,

Looks like more and more people are playing with Photoshop nowadays Smile
Who's work do you think this is?
Here is the original description:

This is a sona drawing done with a story behind it.
I chose the number of dots as 11 and 10 for a specific purpose.
11 is the number for Siva. There are 11 forms of Siva, EkAdaSa
rudra. 10 is the number for vishNu, with ten avatArAs. These
two can be connected with a single line going through all of them.
This shows the unity between the two.

Rangoli: Guess who?
Created by viji_j86 on 2009-08-18,

The ear-bud technique is obvious in this rangoli, but, who made it?
Here is the original description:
My friend*s daughter-in-law from Bangalore presented me 4 nos of kolam stencil. I had tried it out. Being 1st time trying the stencil chamuthai i used white colour only (The centre part is stencil and outline as usual earbud method)Wait and see for more 3 stencils in colour...

Rangoli: Guess who?
Created by lakshmiraghu on 2009-08-06,

Someone had uploaded this beautiful image especially for this game! Could we make a guess? Smile
Here is the original description:
I have created this design in photo shop for "GUESS WHO" game.Please take it to the game. Thank you