Guess who?

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Here is one more rangoli enthusiast who wants to play the "guess who" game. Now who could that be? Any ideas?

Rangoli: Guess who?


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I am clueless..........who did this ?
Mohanaji or Judy

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Not me Asha... maybe Meena Subbu or Pushpa...

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Different style and colours..... guessing is really harder.....

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Good design and nice colors....hmmm is it Pushpaji?

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Is it Pushpa or Deepa?

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Wow I feel so overwhelmed that you all thought it is me... but unfortunately it is not me... I guess this is done on photoshop ... I dont have that software yet... as for the rangoli... this is done so beautifully with lovely colors used... my guess is JMKrao

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Very nicely done, pleasing colours and nice symmetry (though not perfect).
Not me, I was busy and out the last few days. Not jUdIji or latAjI or aasAjI or pavanjI or lakshmIjI or pushpAjI. Who is left? aniruddhajI is a guess, but once again he would have repeated the symmetry perfectly. May be pushpAjI or somebody new.

Regards! - mOhana

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Subashini again?

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my guess is sumathi or anirudhji.

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This was made by Indra (Indra Sundar)! Smile

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well done indra.congratulations.

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Great show Indira - you kept us all guessing.....

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Oh! Indira? Good job. This game is really very interesting. All hidden talents are coming out.

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Thanks one and all...
Pushpaji i did it in MS Paintbrush. I have not installed Photoshop ..
I made this before 6 months.
I am so happy no one said my name..
With all Your blessings , i will do my best next time...