Nee paadhi naan paathi kanne, Adhu neeyinri thoongaadhu penne,

sjnt Mon, 04/12/2010 - 10:40

wow superb kolam mam just looking too guess would be right side by u and left side by rajamma mam... when r u going to disclose the ans waiting eagerly for d result.....
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I too think top half was done by Rajam and bottom half by Jayanthi (unless you changed your styles to cheat us??) Very pretty chikku kolam :)
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24 hrs over. Now, put a sleeping line from the left corner to the right corner. The top triangle was put by me and the bottom triangle was put by Rajam. I think Judy came very close but the names got interchanged. Thanks everybody for a good guess.
Wed, 04/14/2010 - 01:45 Permalink

என்ன எல்லாம் போட்டி வெக்கிராங்கப்பா! Upper half by you and lower half by Rajam!
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Oh! My guess is correct! I commented before reading the answer! சத்தியமா! In fact I got this link thro' facebook! Somehow I missed it in the 24 hrs deadline!
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