Valentine Day/romantic Rangoli

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Last 4 days I was very busy, but could not resist putting a romantic kolam for as per Lata's wish. Did not have any ready made one like Judy had, so has to hurry thru to put one. Jayanthi(my SIL) who visited us helped me in decorating it with her final touchups. My grand son Neel also put his hand on it to improve, and made us to redo somepart of it.
Thru this Rangoli we pass on our LOVE to ALL the LOVING HEARTS.

Rangoli: Valentine Day/romantic Rangoli


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Cupid is very busy with this rangoli. I knew we could count on you to send us one. The surrounding dots make the heart look even better, and a great idea to use real roses with rangoli-powdered stems/leaves. Thank you, Jayanthiji, and our Krishna-kanhaiya. Smile

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Rajam, I appreciate your efforts. I also drew a heart kolam in the morning. But I had no color powders, sister-in-law or grandson to complete it! So left it like that!

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Oh please, do upload your heart kolam too Jayaji. Smile

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Jaya, you could have taken the help of reddish mayilmaanikkam poo,pinkish aralippoo from your garden to fill up the HEART and assistance from your LOVing husband to take the poto and uploaded it.
(Lata, see one more person to call me Rajam, other than you and Neel.Hereby I requeat all ikoalm members to call me Rajam to give company to Lata.)
The bow like dots and arrows, real flowers with powder sticks are the contributions of Jayanthy

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saringa Rajam! Eppodhaan enakku Konjam guilt kuranjirukku Smile
It was very nice of Jayanthi to contribute to this too.

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thanks rajammaji, the natural 3D-effect with 3colors for the heart...good to hear there are so many helping hands :)...nice to see real flowers with rangoli stems& leaves

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Oh!!! looks sweet/grand/bright...beautiful roses!!!

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Rajamma Mam, the hearts are looking so soft and fresh and conveying Love to each and everyone. The real roses idea is fantastic. We are thankful to Jayanthi Mam also for her beautiful touch.

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Rajam's (correctaa ingga) heart is always brimming with love for everyone and that can be seen in this rich kolam - so full of love for all of us.. The real roses (actually look like rangoli roses) are feeling shy of the blushing hearts and hiding in the corner Smile

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Beautiful colours, and the rose stems with real roses look great...

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lovely heart kolam shows how much you love ikolam and its members, thank you rajamma maam.

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Rajamma Mam kalakittinga

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vaarthaigal varavillai vannak kolathai paartha pinbu
kannil mattum pattirundhaal karuththai solli iruppen
idhu, nenjangal niraindha kolam
nenjai kavarndha kolam
nayril vaazhthalam yendru
nenjil kanavudan nindrikkiren
neril vara maatteergala
chennai meettukku?