Navrathri golu contest

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Lata, This year I was in chennai to celebrate Navrathri celebration with my sister inlaw. In their house they keep Golu for so many years. The dolls are more than 50 years old.I am sending the Golu picture for the contest, since my contribution is there in putting the Hrudhaya kamalam kolam with wet maavu and flower petals and the decorations with lamps. I do not know if it canbe included in the contest. Otherwise u can publish it in the normal way.
Here is the second entry:

Hrudhaya kamalam
Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Navrathri golu contest


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kolam is very beautiful, color combination excellent.

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Quite a big collection of so many dolls - that too 50 years old!! Lovely Rajam touch kolam. All the best Smile

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Nice Arrangement. 50 years old. They still look new.. All the best..

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very nice arrangement of reminds me of the golu at my mothers place....

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so beautiful kolam and kolu also.

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After 50 years also the dolls look brand new. Beautiful arrangement and nice rangoli. All the best.

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The 50 yrs old dolls look so fresh! Have the painted it?

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Rajamma maam cute arrangement and lovely kolam as usual by you... the rose petals add beauty to the kolam

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Beautiful.. All the best.

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ur golu set is glowing

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very nice

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very nice.

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pathute irukkanum nu thonudhu superb-yamuna

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Wow, very big. Nice arrangement.