Hrudhayakamalam rangoli

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About Hrudhayakamalam rangoli:

This is a Hrudhayakamalam rangoli this rangoli was drawn in front of thulasi brindhavanm on friday.

Hrudhaya kamalam
Rangoli: Hrudhayakamalam rangoli


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Beautiful hRdayakamalaM lakshmIjI

I have a general question. The hRdaya in hRdayakamalaM looks like a real
heart, not like the red one in the playing cards. We know about the anatomy
of the heart only a few centuries ago. So when did this rangOli originate?
Did this exist even before we knew the shape of the heart from the west?

For the mathematically inclined, please read

Now a teaser for lakshmijI Smile
I read somewhere that those people who are good at rangOlis have very
good handwriting. Am I right?

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji, let me be honest " my hand writing is good h / e not best"
Now shall collect some informations and update in the site, Please allow me some time.

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Sure Nagashree, animating this is no problem.

But in the meantime, take a look at Rajam ma'am's hridhayakamalam in her step by step rangoli:

We would also like to see your mom's rangolis. Smile

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nice one!lakshmi.

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Asha thank u so much.

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Lakshmi the same one you put for the silver lamps at our meet na??

I also remember something similar to this that Rajamma showed us on paper and said that there was a technique in drawing it - but that was a continuous line from start to finish... Rajamma we finally did not get down to that lesson na?? next time??

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Judy Yes u r right, There are two ways to draw this hrudhayakamalam rangoli. One what
I have drawn, second one what Rajammaji has shown ( i.e. continoues drawing ). Yes I will draw this continoues rangoli and shall update you shortly.

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lakshmi mam,it is so beautiful .

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ualekya thank u soooo much

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Lakshmi, in my drawing also I have mentioned "Lakshminivas".Your Thulasi also very lucky to see nice kolams daily infront of her.
Judy, the one I showed is a different one. I'll send it soon

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please let me know dots information i liked it would like to try also.