my golu 2010

shyamalaraj Wed, 10/20/2010 - 15:17

well said shyamala, same with me too.I love this festival because of the interaction it creates and ofcourse the art and cultural part of it.your golu looks cute and you have quite a no of bommais.All the best:)
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When we are children we like to dress up nicely and visit houses for singing and getting sundal. As we attain teenage we start exhibiting our art skills in our golu but we restrict our visits to close friends and relatives houses only. After marriage our interest in expanding our golu, inviting people and making new friends start. As you grow old you yourself do not know how your whole interest has turned into pooja when the next generation take over the cultural aspects! That is the evolution!
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Wide range of dolls Shyamalaji and beautifully arranged. Jaya Mam rightly said. Next generation would definitely take over our cultural and art skills. All the best.
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I agree with jayamohan. The transition part is very important in one's life as it paves way for the next generation. Now coming to the golu part, it is very big, due to the large collection of dolls. It is nice. All the best
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I agree with your views. You have lots of small dolls . Could accommodate another two or three steps also. Very neat.
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I too agree with shyamala mam &Jaya mam' statement. Golu not only helps in cultural aspects, also it helps to move our next generation in social events (apartment golu) & most of the families are nuclear family that too with single child. This 10days celebration helps to move our next generation with relatives, friends etc... etc...
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Lovely collection of bright coloured dolls and very neatly displayed. Jaya thanks for the story on evolution - very well said. Did I hear the word Sundal?? Saras are you there?? Lax where are you??
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Neatly arranged and Good display of Bright Dolls, maavilai thoranam kolam, flowers... Is this your collection or passed down from your Mother.. all the best..
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very lovely and large collection . would like to have a closer look at the various dolls though. All the best.
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Wow excellent arrangement and so many dolls (pls take drishti)... I would hv loved to get a closer look at them though
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