Golu contest 2010

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  • golu contest 2010
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Rangoli: Navarathiri golu 2010
Created by snjayasree on 2010-10-20,

My navarathiri golu 2010:
1st step: left to right: rama&sita, andal&ranganathar,thaayar&sreenivasar
2nd step: ganesh,lakshmi,durga,saraswati, laksmi narashimhar, lakshmi hayagriva, vishnu lakshmi, ramanujar
3rd step: raghavendra, banke bihari, vennai krishna, radha krishna, jula krishna with radha,vishnu
4th step: dasavatharam, marapachi dolls
5th step: kuravan,korathi, chettiyar and his wife, dancing doll and two cardboard girl dolls..

thanks for viewing my golu

Rangoli: my golu 2010
Created by shyamalaraj on 2010-10-20,

The nine days are usually filled with visitors who arrive home , eat “sundal “, sing songs, comment on the collection and go home.Those who keep “kalasa” do puja every day and celebrate it in all religious zeal. To me however, I am more into the art and the cultural aspect of the festival and helps me connect with my roots..

Rangoli: gol u 2010
Created by r.priya on 2010-10-20,

The first nine days are a time of prayer, feasting and social gathering. The last day – Vijayadashami – is a day of renewal or new beginning. Here's a look at the different ways in which India celebrates.

Rangoli: Golu 2010 Contest-Jayashree-Pic1
Created by jayash on 2010-10-20,

Golu at my home. Made a cute village scene next to the main golu.

Rangoli: golu contest 2010
Created by ushavenkatesh on 2010-10-20,

golu in tanjore at my residence.please include this for the contest

Rangoli: Golu at SHREENIVAS 2010
Created by sudhabalakrishnan on 2010-10-20,

Hi frienz, This year i kept kolu in my house. This is not a Readymade stand. This i arranged with the help of a cabinet, cardboard boxes, plastic stools in big, medium and small sizes. The steps description is as follows.

1st step : Shrinivasa kalyana set.
2nd step: Rama, lakshmana and seetha, Lakshmi Hayagirva, Ramanjaneya Aliganam and Kubera Lakshmi.
3rd step : Ashtalakshmi set.
4th step: All single idols like Hanuma, durga, lakshmi, saraswathi, Gayathri.
5th step : Traditional Marpachi dolls, kalasham and lakshmi Narasimha
6th step : GovardhanaGiri Set and Dashavathara set.
7th step: Fruit and vegetable vendors.

On the sides there is a Kalyana set and the other side it is zoo and park.

So enjoy seeing our house kolu .

Rangoli: My first Golu
Created by priyamaalini on 2010-10-20,


This is my 1st try . The photo is taken with my cell cam. Next year i ll do better. Thanks for seeing this pic.

Rangoli: Umaraja Golu.
Created by umaraja on 2010-10-20,


I've submitd 2 images fof my golu.ive shown the mountain temples sabarimalai,algarkovil,palani,as our theme.the rich paari has covered the mountains.

Rangoli: Navarathri Golu emphasis on "Health is Wealth" - 2010 - Full Golu view
Created by apsinhere on 2010-10-20,

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to share my creations with you all as much as I did enjoy making them. We have all heard of the saying in Tamil "Noyatra vaazhve kuraivatra selvam" meaning "Health is Wealth". How many of us actually take time to follow this? Here's my Village scene from India showing an emphasis on good health. Prevention is better than cure. Follow the wellness industry. "Iyyarkaiyaga thayaarikkapatta Maatru Vitamin"

The Village scene and Zoo are handcrafted by me. I have tried to capture lot of details including Arasamarum Pillayar (Ganesh under peepal tree), cow shed, some shops selling fruits and vegetables, hawkers, women carrying water from the well, farmers following organic methods of farming without the use of insectides or pesticides, some dwelling units and a Ganesha temple on top of the hill. The hill in actual scale is about 18" tall and is made of papier mache. I have even showed the teppakulam, bullock cart and to add to the landscape lots of coconut trees and other trees. The coconut trees are also made by me.

All the materials used are eco friendly.

Aparna Raghunathan

Created by Varthini on 2010-10-20,

The theme this year was to have the village of "LAKSHMIPURAM"