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About Man Madhan Ambu:

Hope the Title and the 10x10 kolam is suitable for wishing this LOVEly day. I wish....
LIFE and LOVE are as SIMPLE and COLOURFUl like this!

Dotted Kolam (connected dots)
Dotted kolam
Valentine's day
10x10 theme
valentine 2011
Rangoli: Man Madhan Ambu


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pink hearts , bows, arrows everything is complete to give a good valentine wish, as usual u have rokd in ur coloring mam

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Very thoughtful idea! Quiz for everyone - name the five flower arrows of manmatha. Good symmetry, nice colours. Did you watch the movie of the same name ma'am? Happy Valentine's Day!

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow...rajamma lovely to see u so lively...haha..look at d title...haha...ur manmadan ambu kolam is too good...oh no...again a quiz aah..but this time it is from jkm no probs...but let me wait for somemore time for my hubby to wake up and then i shall see if he knows...haha

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Very nice kolam with lovely title and apt for valentines day.....

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Nice ambu kolam and the way you have coloured looks neat

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Very pretty as usual.

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Lovely cupid arrows! I don't think we have any rangolis with arrows in them in this site. Nice profile picture in red! Looks like Madisar? Smile

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Aha!! maami looks very pretty in madi saree...heheheh....lovely kolam.....beautiful valentines's day make up....Happy Valentine's Day

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Hi, Lata and Lakshmi, just sent the photo taken with my Husband on some pooja day. Just hesitated to send it fully( u can see his hand no?). In cafe I'll upload the full photo.Since roaming out last 2 days no time to upload recent one . rajamma

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Oh, I can't wait! Smile

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hmmm eagerly waiting.....

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This rangOli also reminds me of the song with the words khImchO kamAn mArOjI bAn Rtu hai javAn O mErI prAn. These are not the starting words. Any takers?

Regards! - mOhana

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Rajjamm very pretty rangoli. Your profile picture looks very elegant, nice and beautiful .Rao sir let me guess ur quiz lotus, peopul ,mango,blue lotus and jasmine am i right?

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wow .....manmathan ambu!-suguna murugesan

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Very apt kolam for the occasion and very well drawn and colored suitably. Very nice profile picture.:)

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I think all the 5 flowers should be red in color, I suppose. red Lotus, red Arali....other 3?

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Beautiful, both your kolam and the profile picture. Manmadhan Ambus are ready for the shot Smile
The light pink shade spreading around the darker looks like done with a sprayer.
Your kolam reminds me of Annalum Nokinaal, Avalum Nokkinal..

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Rajam looking lovely in madisar - waiting to see the full picture.. What a cute manmadhan ambu kolam this is. I like the way the arrows are going through those kutty hearts - very creative thinking dear and only you can do something like this. Well JKM I think that the 5 flowers associated with Cupid are Red Rose, Jasmin, Carnation, Ambrosia and Orange Blossom - I think I saw this somewhere on the internet sometime ago.. Waiting to hear the right answer..

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The five arrows of manmatha were already discussed in great detail nearly a year ago at .

Regards! - mOhana

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Cute valentine Cupid kolam! I like the way you have very aptly shaded the bow and arrow with very thin lines of colour podi - and such thin and neat lines too!!

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Creative design of the bows arrows and hearts. Well made mavu kolam and nice colouring.

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Rajamma maam u wont believe me, but I first had this kolam in mind, then I changed my mind and put another kolam. I am glad i changed my mind, cos i could not have done a marvelous job as u have done with it... Mangalakarama photo too... looking very pretty and elegant in the madisaar.

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Very beautiful and very creative. A different way of colouring which is very lovely

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very thoughtful rajammaji...has come out too good....nice profile pic too....thanks for sharing. mohanji, thanks for bringup the link, i had missed it.

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Very nice kolam Rajam mam.