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Rangoli: Valentines's Day Greeting Card 2011
Created by srichak on 2011-03-08,

This greeting card is prepared by me . Your views please....

Rangoli: Valentine's Day Greeting Card
Created by srichak on 2011-03-07,

This greeting card made by me for my son's teacher. Your views please....

Created by ammuchandhini on 2011-02-17,

Hai to all....this is d same valentine day kolam but tried in kuzhal(roller)....i was not happy with d outer hexagon border..that is why i tried it as an indoor rangoli..ur views pl...

Rangoli: Valentine Kolam
Created by judelined on 2011-02-14,

Straight dots: 9 - 1

This is quite a simple kolam which just took me 10 minutes to make. I modified a kolam I had seen on the internet to get this design. Changed the flowers to look like hearts and added a blue and pink water bed around the hearts to make it look really romantic. In case there is a valentine collection coming up, here is my contribution.. HAPPY VALENTINE DAY FRIENDS..

Rangoli: valentines day
Created by Suguna Murugesan on 2011-02-14,

hai this is a dotted kolam 11-6. happy valentines day

Rangoli: Happy Valentine's Day!
Created by jkmrao on 2011-02-14,

Here is a new experiment for the Valentine's day. A 11 x 9 sOnA pattern with a single line was extended with borders as described in . This forms four heart-like V-shaped patterns with roses in four directions, an apt theme for the day. Overall, this pattern is drawn on a rectangular grid of 15 x 13 dots. For the benefit of newcomers, here are some old rangOlis of mine on the theme of love. Enjoy the day with all your heart Smile

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Man Madhan Ambu
Created by rajamma_2 on 2011-02-14,

Hope the Title and the 10x10 kolam is suitable for wishing this LOVEly day. I wish....
LIFE and LOVE are as SIMPLE and COLOURFUl like this!

Rangoli: Valentines Day kolam
Created by vijaysowmya on 2011-02-14,

This is my Valentines Day kolam dedicated to all the Valentine Couples.

Rangoli: valentine' s day
Created by umaraja on 2011-02-14,

hai frnz, its my lovable gift to raja and papu for valentines day,ur comments pls

Created by ammuchandhini on 2011-02-14,

Hai to all...Happy valentine's day to u....hope u like this dotted kolam 13x7 dots specially made for valentine's day...ur views tell me in ur comment itself how many POINTS for all these cute RED HEARTS...haha