Manna kolam

Entry by Mrs Nirmala Gopalakrishnan for Marghazai Kolam contest 2013.


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Beautifully drawn rangolis! Lovely shade of red with the gray used in the first one.
We would like to know if both of these entries are dotted ones by any chance. They look like freehand rangolis. We would not want to assume. Kindly let us know. Smile

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Thanks for the comments. These are free hand Rangoli kolams we used to draw during
Marghazhi fesival in front of our homes and a lot of similar colour Rangolis are also
available but could not be forwarded for the contest as only two kolams are permitted
for the contest.

Since I wanted to enrol for the previous contests also but could not due to some
uploading problem in our computer in time. This also was sent with great difficulty
only on 16th January with the help of my daughter in law for the contest.

Anyway thanks for posting my kolams in the website and also for the comments made by
other contestents.

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Lovely kolams very neat and beautiful.

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Both designs are good! I feel it is drawn on paper. Very attractive but do not come under pongal concept!

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Smile :bigsmile: Thanks for the comments. These kolams are taken only from my Big Album
which I am preserving and many of the kolams have been sent to Aval Vikatan, Mangayar Malar
Manjula Ramesh Snehithi etc., for the kolams to be published in their magazines and also felt joyful when some of these kolams were published in their magazines. :love: J)

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Superb freehand designs...would look lovely on floor if tried...thanks for sharing Smile

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Lovely free hand kolams.

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cute freehand designs,,, would like to try them

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beautiful designs..:)


Awesome designs... Pongal theme... Smile

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Lovely kolams

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lovely free hand kolam..looks grand and beautiful...dots ??? pongal theme??? all the best... :party:

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Both the kolams look very pretty.

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I love both the beautiful freehand drawings, but seem to be unconnected with the festival theme. The dot patterns too are missing. Really lovely work, though. Best of luck! Regards! - mOhana

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Smile These kolams are not dotted ones and only Rangoli Free hand kolams and we used to draw
in front of our homes during festivals viz" Margazhi. Pongal, Tamil New Year, Deepavali etc.
and I have a great good album of all kolams like these with me. Some of my Rangoli kolams
have been published in the magazines Aval Vikatan, Mangayar Malar, Manjula Ramesh Snehithi
etc., in many of their issues and recently in the last three months also.
Any way thanks for the comments :love:

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Beautiful designs and well drawn. Smile

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fabulous padikolam and free hand kolam Smile

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beautiful kolams. neat strokes

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beautiful designs, thanks for sharing

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Both are beautiful.

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very nice padikolam and a free hand design i liked the second one, which also resembles like a mehendhi design.