Margazhi dew drops kolam contest 2013

Submitted by drshireesha on
pongal kolam hoping iam not late for submission as per PST.....shal be glad to be part of competition..Thank you latha..
Beautiful kolam Shireesha. the sun in the centre cow , the musicians pot, kite, sugarcane, lotus so many in your kolam very beautiful . coloring is too good.
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Big dot grid,elaborate design and bright coloring are the highlights of your rangoli! You have included even cock fight? Great work!
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Wow...fantastic apt rangoli for pongal...soothing cols make this more appealing :)
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Pot,Sun,Cock,musicians, cow , lotus, sugarcane all in ur rangoli. Very pretty rangoli with pleasing colors.
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woooooooooow fantastic kolam lovely colouring.
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well created with all elements,,, all d best
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Wooooooooooooow! Superb creation pa, All the pongal elements, sun, pots, sugarcane, cocks, kites with musicians r awesome pa. all d best
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Thanx a lot Mam...those Musicians we call HariDasu here..these ppl collect food grains frm each house as this is the harveat time..So included in this theme..BTW..ur Kolam is just amazing..loved it..:)
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Absolutely beautiful and colourful just like Pongal festival!
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fantastic apt rangoli for pongal.lovely colour combination...looks grand... all the best :party:
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Thanx a lot Mam for enjoying my rangoli..this yr shall try to learn atleast little frm ur Morning Raaga kolams..:) need ur help for tips Mam :)
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Very well done kolam. Especially the musicians and the birds have come out well. Admiring your lovely thin strokes. Too good.
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Beautiful work and nice colors. It seems that everything connected with the festival is there. Lovely! Best of luck! Regards! - mOhana
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Very nice rangoli which suits the occasion very well. Nice drawing and colouring. Very big rangoli indeed shireesha. all the best!!!
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wonderful creation. such a big kolam with all aspects bright coloring
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Suguna Murugesan
beautiful thematic kolam...colors are bright and lovely...all the best :)
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superb...the rustic harvest theme is very well depicted..the cow, musicians, birds, kite with thread roll ...what not all is present.... great one...all the best!!! ...not to mention copied to my library ;) :star: :star: :star:
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thank you :) yes, i agree... you will definitely get credits, whenever i replicate any where ;)
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wow,very great work.well done kolam.You have drawn all elements of pongal.very beautiful.
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Shireesha beautfiul kolam with all the elements, perfect thematic kolam.
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Wow, look at those roosters going at each other beak to beak! Lovely representation of the musicians, the kites, the different sized sugarcanes, the pot, the sweets, the sun, the flowers, the cow, and the turmeric! Amazing work on the coloring! What a great Pongal treat! :) Thank you for participating in the Kolam contest. :)
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Thanx a lot Mam..i just love make thematic rangolis but due to work n time constraints i find excuses for myself ..n in this platform, seeing such dedication towards this art i really feel inspired..thanx for ur detailed views ..n you made my day today..Thanx for the third place.. :love: :love: :) :) :)
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Suguna Murugesan
congratulations sreesha :) :party:
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Congratulations shiree :party: :)
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congratzzzzzzzzzzz :bigsmile: :party: :party: :party:
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congratulations sreesha :love: :party: :party:
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