Happy Mattu Pongal & Kaanum Pongal

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Friends, my cow and dancing girls are coming to say HAPPY MATTU PONGAL & KAANUM PONGAL to u all. I drew this rangoli for both Mattu Pongal & Kaanum Pongal celebrations. The cow image drawn for the celebration of Mattu Pongal and dancing girls images drawn for the celebration of Kaanum Pongal. It has two type of grids. The cow image has 10-10 straight dots and the dancing girls image has 9-5 interlaced dots. I merged both the dot grids and added some interlaced dots in between of them. I enclose the pencil sketch with the dot grid as first image. The second image is the colored version of my rangoli. The center portion of the rangoli is a dotted one. The outer portion (Border) is freehand for the decoration of the rangoli. Hope u all like it... Eagerly waiting for ur views.... :)
Wow beautiful kolam Gomathy nice idea of merging both kolams. Girls are dancing happily in your kolam. Well done. All the best.
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Another pongal beauty! Though the coloring is minimum your prominent design and border with white strokes make it bright! Again dot grid is very clear. The dancing girls are elegant!
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So beautifully made pongal rangoli gomathy...looks so so pretty pa :)
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Beautiful art. Dancing girls are enjoying. Cow - Vasthram is drawn very well. Looks pretty. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:
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superooooooooooooooooooooooo super,i love your dancing girls.extraordinary creation.
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cute dancing girls, apt for d theme,, all d best
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woww..beautiful kolam mam..cute dancing girls..:)
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Thank u for ur valuable comments friends... :)
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Thank u for ur valuable comments friends... :)
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fantastic creation....lovely design/colours/strokes....etc....keep it up all the best. :party:
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What can I say about this awesome kolam, tooo good dear... I am becoming a fan of your kolams... Good job.
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What a creativity mam!!! cow and dancing girls in dots... extraordinary... salute for your imagination....
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Again a very pretty picture! No wonder, "gOmati" is interested in "gO" :-) Happy dancers too. The dots on the cow in the rangOli seem to be slightly different from those on the picture. Best of luck! Regards! - mOhana
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Awesome kolam with a good design.i liked the dancing children with the the thattu, elegant colours and looks very nice. all the best.
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Well imagined and created kolam for the maattu pongal celebrations. Nicely merged designs. Again the dot count and the drawing looks beautiful. All the best :)
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Suguna Murugesan
beautiful cow and cute dancing laddies are awesome :)apt for maattu pongal :) all the best :)
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wooooow!!! ....mesmerizing, very nice idea of merging two rangolis together....the dancing girls are soo beautiful, i am going to copy this ;) ....great, hats off to your patience for doing such a beautiful art....all the best!!!
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Thank u very much my dear friends... :)
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wonderful creation .dancing girls are soooooo cute all the best
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very pretty "maattu pongal" kolam gomathi.
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Spectacular! The idea of merging two sets of grids, making sure you've covered the symbols of all three day Pongal celebrations, and the choice of colors - all make this a magnificent piece! Thank you for participating in the Kolam contest. :)
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