Margazhi Dew Drops Kolam Contest-2

Submitted by ammuchandhini on Thu, 01/17/2013 - 04:58
Hello friends...hope you like this another dotted kolam consisting 25x13-interlaced dots done for this years margazhi contest...eagerly waiting for your views :)

Another colorful rangoli with all elements of pongal from Rani! What are the things in between sugarcanes? Panju mittai or cone ice? :bigsmile:
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Thanks chiths dear...thanks jaya mam...ayyo u r asking me to reveal d secret which i myself don't know :p ...haha...thought of flower design but came out like panju mittais(sweet candy)...anyhow apt for pongal na 0:) ...avlo thaan aale vidunga ;) :p :D
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Ennada rani rangoli kanumae parthaen. Rombha azhaga iruku. U have done 6 sweet candy. U could have made manjal, ginger and diyas each 1 pair. It is my suggestion. All the best :)
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hehe hmmm palm treess (ice apple tree) looks very very nice.. :D :D pongalooooo pongal candy,,all are looks very beautiful...nice colours combination... all the best :party:
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Thanks uma, shireesha,gomathy, chandy, laksh, push darling for enjoying this kolam andleaving ur valuable comments :)
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Looks like the pots are having a challenge - am I not the sweetest? Good colorful work. Pardon my ignorance, what are those things between the sugarcanes? Again, I beg to differ with the color scheme that diminishes the symmetry. Best of luck! Regards! - mOhana
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Rani, very nice kolam with sugarcane , paanai looks very cuuute but the palm trees looks like candy floss (punj miitai ).
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Another colourful and bubbling pongal pots kolam which looks very big and beautiful Rani. All the best!!! :)
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Bhavani Mayilvahanan

Colourful parade of Pongal Pots... Looks like the village pongal celebrations where all make Pongal togehter before village temple ....Nice colourful treat...ALL THE BEST
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Thanks jkm sir, sudha mam,sowmi,sugu, anirudh,mani mam,and bhavani for enjoying this kolam :)
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Beautifully made Pongal kolam, Rani. I like your wonderfully colored inner design, and sugarcanes outlined with blue and the leaves have such a pretty shade of green. Use of candycanes along with the sugarcanes could be a good idea (though accidentally discovered :)) If I were to come over to your house on Pongal, and you offered me both, what do you think I'll take a bite off first; the sugarcane or the candycane! :bigsmile: Ofcourse the candycane! (Oru plan-oda dhaan Candycane use pannunen-nnu dairiyama sollunga! :bigsmile: ) Thank you for participating in the Kolam contest. :)
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