Pattathu Yaanai

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I am Veni Deivanai, who recently visited this ikolam site and got impressed.As my first entry, I am herewith enclosing a Chikku kolam for the " Margazhi kolam contest".
In olden days, when the Maharaja dies without leaving his heir for the throne,the Pattaththu yaanai, i.e the main Elephant of the Raajmahal will be sent with a garland around the city, to select the next person for the throne.Towhomesoever the Elephant put the garland will be declared as the next Raja.
Here, I have put a chikku kolam in the form of Pattathu yaanai with the real garland in his hand on its way to select the RAJA. Hope you all will enjoy this. Smile

Rangoli: Pattathu  Yaanai


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Nice concept and nice kolam!
Hi to Veni and welcome to ikolam thro' Rajamma!

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Welcome to ikolam veni Smile

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very beautiful elephant kolam and welcome to ikolam.

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Welcome to ikolam Veni. Very nice thematic chikku design, Well brought elephant shape.

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I love the eye , tusk, the bell! The tail! What a lovely plait! Colourful shawl on its back
Enjoyed it! Smile Smile :love: :love:

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very nice one...also like the way of using flowers for the garland.
Veni ma'm welcome to iKolam!!!

i was showing this to mom and immediately she recalled the poem "tirukanorva ooramunde muruku dharmashaaleyalli ......kariya baayge kusumamaale....." (a poorman sleeping in dharmasala has a dream where the elephant comes with garland and makes him the king and series of fun things happen in the dream....and atlast he wakes up Smile ).

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பட்டத்து யானை மிகவும் அழகாக உள்ளது. ராஜம்மா மேடத்துக்கு நன்றி. சினேகிதி வேணியை அறிமுகம் செய்ததற்கு. வேணிக்கு நல்வரவு

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pattathu yanai super. welcome to veni.Thank U rajamma mam.

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welcome to ikolam veni thank U rajamma mam introducing new friend. pattathu yanai kolam superb.

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vellai nirathiloru yaanai engal ikolathil ulavuthu kandeer....superb

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Wow...welcome veni...superb chikku mat ....eagerly waiting for ur future posts....congrats on rod Smile

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Welcome to ikolam mam...Congrats for ROD..... :star: :star: :star: