NEER MAEL KOLAM - Hriduyakamalam

This has come out well for your first try. Guessing from the texture of the blue powder, wasn't it a bit slippery for you to draw with it? :)
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Yes u r rigth Lata, the blue powder was slightly out of control
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Suchitra V Patil

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How 2 do this - rangoli on water?? I tried it for Ganesh Chaturthi but the rice powder sunk in water.. I put lots of oil in water n had also greeced the glass container but all went in vain.. I hav seen the demo pictures in the kolam and did it in same ways, can u pls guide me?? Rgrds - Suchitra
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Sumathi it come up time first spread the talcom powder, colour the top with colours of your choice ( as this will be second layer ) and draw the rangoli with rangoli powder (Rangoli powder + rice flour mixed this will give good flow)..try this.
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if u could hav used wel dried blu it would hav bn excelllent, but still its a grt try.
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HI Ma im mekala. i want to know how to make this kolam on water...i want to try that ,send me as sooon as possible..
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Hi Lakshmiraghu Can you tell me if you draw first then pour water above, or after pouring water you drew the rangoli? I hv done it after drawing the rangoli then pouring the water above.
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