Scenic village

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This is a picture of our village near Vellore which is 10 km off the main road.The small amman temple at the background of our paddy fields looks very scenic.Recently I had been there and was then pictured.The quiteness of the village and the natural green colour around you makes you feel so refreshing

Rangoli: Scenic village


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Paddy fields and a temple as a backdrop...a complete formula to make Indians miss their homeland! Smile

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Mandhai kollai kollum indha pasumai dhaan graamathu varam/azhagu.

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Nice Pic, Sumathy Ma'am.... pasumai konjum vayal, oorukku veliye Amman Kovil, Maram, Malai, Katru-nu ellame, neenga sonnathu-pola avlo refreshing-aa irukku..... had just been to our village last week.... could understand every feeling of yours, as you explain....

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Kankolla katchi Sumathi....