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Rangoli: My Diwali rangoli done on first day
Rangoli: Happy birthday Sowmi
Rangoli: sending eggless cake to my friends(TOMS)
Rangoli: Birthday cake made with lots and lots of love for Rao sir and Jaya ma'am
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  • My akka mung rangoli
  • crispy idly
  • Guess -9
  • guess-9
  • veg-cheese uttapam
  • Rangoli done for wishing my darling daughter's birthday (happy birthday to u dear)
  • This cake is speially made for our ikolam PM rajamma
  • kolm on oval BB
Rangoli: My akka mung rangoli

Dear friends I know this is very very silly but frankly speaking I am very much attracted by the oov kolam of our dear sowmya .yesterday I was about to soak the tuvar dal instantly I got one jatka I pulled one old table of mine which can’t stand straight in his leg always dancing …..on that dancing I tried this .(very difficult to control the legumes on the dancing table they started running here and there .Sowmya sorry for not taking your approval .please give me a feed back

Rangoli: crispy idly

U may laugh on me saying teaching south Indian tamilian about idly. I know we like soft steamed idly .Dear friends one day i could not get my idly vessel(tondur)handy .so i tried to make this crispy idly which i tried when my nephew came from USA last diwali with family for dinner and everybody liked it .

Ingredients for four people
rice ...1 cup
udad daal(black gram)...2 and half cup
Soak both udad and rice separately for 3-4 hours .Grind udad to very fine and rice to little cores(not very fine).keep little thick as compare to steam idly . mix it and keep it for fermentation for 6-7 hours . Take round bottomed pan (kadai) which we normally use for frying things .Put 1 teaspoonful cooking oil preferably sesame oil .add on cup idly batter (dough) and keep it in very very low flame with the lid .Once the upper surface becomes dry reverse and put little oil from the side and keep it for another 4-5 minutes .serve hot with tomato sauce or samber or /and chutney .it goes very well with tea in the evening with company of our hero(I know u r laughing on my silly receipe yes na....)

Rangoli: Guess -9

Lata as mentioned by u uploading the another picture of the ship clicked yesterday night i feel it is more clearer thatn the yesterdays pic

Rangoli: guess-9

As we are so exited for the cruise yesterday night i have made the ship ready. All ikolam members are invited (welcomed) to join me in this ship for our voyage to and fro from India to US via Singapore, Dubai(to pick up Maha) .Before boarding this ship(of course no need of tickets it is gift from this jerry to all members)all of u have to do one small favor to find out the two words one the name of the ship and the another word (suspense).if u find out one sea creature in this sea still better. ALL THE BEST

Rangoli: veg-cheese uttapam

This modified onion uttapam i make to satisfy my daughters as they like cheese very much.
Ingredients for 8 middle sized uttapam
Simla Mirch-2(big sized)
tomato -2
Onion -1
ginger -1cm
green chillies-2
green coriander-one small bunch
Pottato -1(boiled with little salt)
cut the vegetables to very fine and mix it with little salt and keep aside
smash the boiled potato and keep aside
Take a dosa pan put litle oil or ghee and spread the dough thinly
make a thin layer of above said vegetable .sprinkle the boiled potato and cover it with lid and let it fry in low flame .Once the dough becomes dry reverse and add little oil from the sides and keep it for another 2-3 minutes and now remove the dosa from the pan and add scrapped cheese or paneer if u like and serve with green chutney and tomato sauce .(the photo given above is without the cheese as my hero does not like it)

Rangoli: Rangoli done for wishing my darling daughter's birthday (happy birthday to u dear)

Yesterday was my daughter Disha's birthday .Yesterday i took leave and this was her first birthday wherein i was at home .Though we have celebrated at 12 o’clock itself i wanted to wish her differently so i have made this kolam with chalk .actually i wanted to do the rangoli with colour powder but then realized it is kept in the roof cabinet above the water tank and difficult for me to reach .Then when i stated searching i got few lovely very very sober colour chalk but found difficult with dry hence i made it wet and did this rangoli .It was looking very pretty in the floor but when i tried to click the photo in my mobile it looks very dull .still i want to upload for ur view(her friends liked it very much on of them asked to make the same rangoli for her birthday(advance booking).

Rangoli: This cake is speially made for our ikolam PM rajamma

Rajamma hope u will like this eggless(promise) cake made today itself to celebrate ur birhtday Dear .Ammu,lata,vasanthi,uma ,maha,laxmi,suba,july,puspa,rao sir,vinci ,padma,suguna ,viju,radhika and allthe ikolam friends please come fast to twist with our PM Rajamma .Record please......Hum tho twist karenge ,rajamma ke birthday manayenge ,chaye muje jangli kahe hum tho twist karenghe."Tum jiyo hazaro saal saal ke din hon pachas hazar ..Happy birthday to u ,Happy birthday to rajamma happy birthday to u ...

Rangoli: kolm on oval BB

i am uploading herewith my chintu kolam in my new oval BB hope u like it .Please give ur comment on it