Answer to guess 9

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Dear freinds as mentioned the answer for this guess 9 is idliwich the brand name given to earlier fried idli by our darling lataji .I wanted to experiment real idliwich and tell u frankly my daughters told me that it looks and taste is yammy and though they had gone out and had snacks still they enjoyed this .Please try ur children or husband may like it .

Toasted Idliwich

Idli dough
Green coriander/pirai chutney :(as mentioned earlier in coriander chutney only we should delete the pirai from pirai chutney rest of the ingredients will remain the same )
Kakdi(kukumber) ..2
Onion ...2

Take kadai and put one -two teaspoonful of cooking oil spread it and pour one big tablespoonful of idli dough spread it (it should be thicker than dosa and thinner than uttapam )keep it in low flame with a lid .Once the upper surface becomes dry spread chutney evenly .now put the round thin slices of tomatoes ,kakdi and onion and if u want put sandwich masala but i have put another layer of green chutney on it .now spread one more tablespoonful of idli dough on it and keep in low flame for another 5-7minutes til the upper layer becomes dry .now put little oil from all the side and revert it and keep it for another 5 minutes .now u can remove this idliwich the cover becomes very crispy .Although have taken the picture of each stage i am uploading with 3 steps for u .if u want I can upload each steps .

Please don’t laugh and enjoy the hot idliwich with tomatoes sauce or alone .All the best and happy Dasera

Rangoli: Answer to guess 9


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Wow...atlast u came up with what lata had already mentioned aah rekhaji...hmmm...tempting idliwich....only dear....kuch kuch ho raha hai pet hungry now after seeing this....

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wow.... tasty mmam.,, your Toasted Idliwich... childrens are most like... one...

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very yummy,, iam toooooo tired after replacing my golu,, i would be happy to taste a plate of this mam,,,,,,,,,,fast fast

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wow very tasty n yummy!-suguna murugesan

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uma darling u can have it fast befor our big tom comes

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Dr Ji, Appka ye Idliwich to dhek ke, humko bahut pasand aaya. For sure, I will try this.

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Dr Ji, I'm planning it in a different way. We can prepare two small dosa (slightly thicker) at the same time in the same way how u have explained (covering it with a lid), then we can spread the chutney and vegetables on one dosa and cover it with another dosa, then toast it in the same tawa until it becomes still more crispier on the both side.

I think this will have a good finish also because i feel it will be difficult to spread dosa batter again on the top of the vegetables after arranging it on one dosa.

What do you say?