Dr.Rekha Shetty

Rangoli: My Diwali rangoli done on first day
Rangoli: Happy birthday Sowmi
Rangoli: sending eggless cake to my friends(TOMS)
Rangoli: Birthday cake made with lots and lots of love for Rao sir and Jaya ma'am
Rangoli: `Cake for our darling lax and rani's daugheter ammu

Yum jiyo hazarp saa; saal ke din ho pachas hazar Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to Laxmi happy birthday to ammu ...
Sorry ammu yesterday my oven was giving me trouble hence i could not able make and send the cake for your birthday please request to accept this cake along with Laxi aunty .

Rangoli: Happy Birthday To Uma

Tum jiyo Hazaaro saal ,saal ke din ho pachas hazar.Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to dear uma.Uma i am ready to twost my kamra..let'e celebrate .rani.lax ,push ,jayamma,rajammji,subasiniji,sugu jaldi karo yar uma ji hamare intzar kaer rayi hai ......

Rangoli: missed it very much

Jerry missed this yesterday

Rangoli: freshly made cake for all toms dear

Jerry made this special cake for you all Toms with ......todasa nasha

Rangoli: Cake for Rao sir and Jaya Ma'am

this is not rangoli but made cake with lots of love.The main ingredients are only love and respect.

Rangoli: Guess 11

Here is a character frm a famous bollywood movie.....
can u guess d celebrity????
first right guess will receive a bumper prize!!!!
hurry up......

Rangoli: bala krishna after he received mukkan from me

As i mentioned uploading the photo of my babu ,smiling bal-krishna just for your comments friends

Rangoli: Disha's first rangoli

My daughter Disha tried this rangoli as she got tempted with rakha's rangoli and tried with different colour it was looking very great on the floor unfortunately i don't have proper camera to click and i tried in my mobile .Rao sir may help to improve the colour as seen in the floor .Request to comment so that she will be encouraged to improve her skill .as she feels she always use to feel that she can't do the nice rangoli