Ganapathi –Tooth Brush Spay painting

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About Ganapathi –Tooth Brush Spay painting :

This is a tooth brush spray painting done on the silk (kanjivaram) piece of cloth. This was my first attempt like this. Please comment. Your valuable comment will definitely help me in improvising my skill
I have to cut one of my silk saris to Design Baratha natyam dress, for my daughter when she was in Higher KG as she was selected to welcome the audience. Instead of wasting the remaining material I thought of doing this painting

tooth brush spray
Rangoli: Ganapathi –Tooth Brush Spay painting


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Rekha maam u must have a very big heart to cut a kanjeevaram saree to make an outfit, that shows the love u have for ur daughter.... so nice dear... the painting looks very beautiful, the clarity of the photo is a little dull i feel dear.

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very nice painting madam.

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Dibbutn, As you said mothers always has big heart. Infact this was my favorite sari. But when her teacher told me to send her in Madrasi costume i decided to prepare the outfit myself. While doing i enjoyed a lot and the outfit was prepared in the previous night of the program. The happiness what i found in my daughters face still i can't forget .Indeed she was looking like a pretty madrasi doll.
You are right the clarity of the painting is little dull may be because the colours were only sprayed on the material and secondly i have not removed the plastic cover on it before clicking the picture .Thanks for your sincere comments.Thank you subashini mam

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a beautiful painting ....

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Very creative idea indeed. Lovely work. Maybe the picture needs clarity.

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Very nice painting Dr Rekha.


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Wow...very creative u r rekha mam....lord ganesha looks beautiful...

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Very creative idea!looks lovely.

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Very creative idea!looks lovely.

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Very creative idea!looks lovely.

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Very nice. Creative and unique.

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i just wonder on both ur love on ur daughter and ur pretty painting skills

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You are indeed a talented artist, innovating new ideas with the materials you have in hand. You have adopted simple painting technique into an impressive output. Have you decorated with stones?
In my school days, weekends we do the Silhouette spray paintings, very interesting to do so, mostly the outfits gets sprayed Smile
I guess your daughter should be in College, as the painting dates back to 94 or 6!! Is it so?

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Yes Vinci, as rightly said my elder daughter is in third year of her B. Pharm(pharmacy)and younger daughter just joined the first year of computer engineering. She wanted to do Medicine (to become gynecologist) which was her childhood dream. In MHCET she got 2 marks less to enter government medical college and only she got admission in private medical college, the fees was very high (6.1 lacks/annum) which was not affordable by me hence she has to join engineering college. I feel very very bad for that. I failed to fulfill her childhood dream (Probably Ragavendra swami wanted like that).Anyway thank you for your encouraging lovely words .Thank you all friends

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vinci,so far i have not done this Silhouette spray paintings.I will try to do someting and upload the same for your valuable suggestions