Happy valentine day toms

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About Happy valentine day toms :

Toms ganje jerry ne beja hai yaha paigam "her yek Tom ke her yek din hon vlaentine "

Happy valentine toms dear
Rangoli: Happy valentine day toms


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wow nice rekha mam Smile :love:

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Thanks jerryjiiiiii :love:

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thanks for your wishes rekha madam.


Wow Thanks for ur wishes and wish u the same mam... Smile

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Thanks jerryji Biggrin Biggrin :love:

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Thank you alll toms

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Such sweet wishes from our loving Jerry! Jerry, why do you look so scared!? :love:

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lata beacause of laxi tom......ser tho ganja ker chuki ab aage kya hoga ...

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Just helped you, so you should have no problem. Smile

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yes indeed i have saved from pulling my own hair ....ab se sirf pulling TOMs ka baal (..are of course ser ka)

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same to u jerry Smile Biggrin :bigsmile: