Small Cracker

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About Small Cracker:

I had a hesistation to upload my small kolam as ikolam is flooded with bigger versions of chikku kolam.... Your suggestions Please.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Small Cracker


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One of my favorite 7 to 1 dotted ones. I like the simple border you've added. I can understand why you or some people hesitate. But, I think all of us do know that size doesn't matter and that beauty could be enjoyed in any size. Smile
While we're talking about hesitation in sharing small kolams, let me point out that there are some members who feel that if the kolam is a small one, then it has to be grouped or collaged with more kolams. When I had requested a couple of members to upload the kolams separately, I never heard back or ever saw the same kolam again. Smile
(We may not be publishing collages that have different kolams in them, in a group, any longer).

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Everything starts from 'small' Vinci! Good work Keep trying!

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I love this sikku kolam,vinci.Every time i put this kolam.

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lovely kutty kolam with even lovelier spring ...border...hesitationngra vaarthayee irukka koodadu...see as of now i am imagining to do a bigger version using this kolam...

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Pretty kolam with pretty border to it : )

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vinci mamur kolam is neat & super

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Thanks Lata for your supporting words..
Thanks for encouraging me Jaya Maam,Veni Maam, Rani (Expecting a bigger version from you soon), Anu and Malar.
So taking off with your encouraging words for more uploads..

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Complicated recepie given in the magazine, many of us read and leave it, but simpleone everybody will love to try atleast once.Vinci, keep posting ur kuti cuties.

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Thanks RajamAmma for your sweet comments. As Said will keep on posting kuttis collection..

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Vinci maam please dont hesitate to post even the smallest of kolams, this looks lovely and I can see that u are progressing into becoming a good wet maavu kolam expert... very nicely done

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Vinci, Kutties only grow up and become adults. All adults were once kutties . Keep posting ur kutties. {what a philosophy? ]

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Small and sweet. As jayanthi quoted, the philosophy is true and has worked out for many. One day you will be able to post a complex sikku kolam and some beginner will be comapring ith you. So dont hesitate. Little drops of water makes the sea.

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Beautiful things come in small packages - that is a saying and you have proved it Vinci. Size does not count as the beauty does - keep rocking with small kolams Smile

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Kadugu sirisu anaal kaaram perusu - got it??

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Thanks Pushpa,Jeyanthi Maam, Padma and Judy. Thanks for your encouraging words..