madhuharini - Gallery

This is for ukadi,happy telugu new year to our telugu friends.In kovai dt we also celebrate ukadi by preparing neemflower pachdi and opputtu(boli)

This is a free hand rangoli to welcome the new year 2010.I wish all our friends to be the happieset person for the lifelong.

This is a free hand rangoli.For friday i put this rangoli.

This is one of Markazhi kolam.Give a look and comments and suggestions please.


This is a free hand Rangoli for Markazhi dew drops contest.Ganesha is my favaorite,so i put this sangu pillaiyar.

This is to welcome markazhi. WE put the flowers in centre all the 30 days.In markazhi month where the rangoli puts and the flowers placed (we called it as poo pillaiyar)Lord krishna will comes to that home.I heard it in a upanyasa.But before that it is started from my childhood.

I am a little bit late,but my two grand daughters Harini(3yrs) and Nithila (7mths)did not allowed me to present it perfectly.

This is an another aadi velli kolam in the way of treditional kola maavu and kavipodi.