pookkolam for markali

This is a free hand rangoli.For friday i put this rangoli.


Very colourful kolam.


MadhuHarini,The majenda/blue combination is very attractive. yellow mangoes with maroon outline are cute. Is the floor also pinkish in color? rajamma

Pink and blue combination is pleasing!

Nice kolam with good colours - the mangoes look nice though slightly out of symmetry :)

very nice selection of colours!!!nice!!

mango looks just like bagirampalli mambazham. very beautiful colors.

Very nice kolam.

Very pretty rangoli. :)

Nice coloring.

Thank u very much lata for posting the markazhi kolams,i had a long gap to visit ikolam, i was busy with relative marriages and my little grand son saihari (four months old)visit to my home.