Markazhi kolam

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Hai friends,u all are update with ur postings.But i am little busy with my gr daughter and my health is also not well.But this is one of my markazhi kolam.Not so good,anyway i post it.


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A very pretty looking

A very pretty looking padikolam Madhu - you have made it very neatly - only thing you should not have clashed it with that sticker kolam which is robbing the beauty of your effort. This seems to have been made on my birthday and I am taking this as my gift from you - thanks a ton.. Take care of your health and get well soon..

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Very nice padi kolam....

Very nice padi kolam....

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nice kanya kolam.

nice kanya kolam.

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very beautiful padikolam

very beautiful padikolam with kavi....

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lovely kolam looks

lovely kolam looks different.keep itup

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Neat Padi kolam. Kavi adds

Neat Padi kolam. Kavi adds beauty to the kolam.

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Nice kolam Kavi gives a

Nice kolam Kavi gives a special effect to the kolam. Looks like a contemporary padi kolam.

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very nice and gud one.

very nice and gud one.

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Lovely combination of

Lovely combination of traditional padi kolam and chikku pattern...

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Lovely padi kolam madhu

Lovely padi kolam madhu mam...with kavi it is looking so nice.....ur same pinch yellow dress with ur grand daughter is still in my eyes...get well soon ....mam...

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Beautiful padi kolam.Take

Beautiful padi kolam.Take care.

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A different padi kolam. Nice

A different padi kolam. Nice it is. Take care of your health.


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Lovely kolam. The kaavi

Lovely kolam. The kaavi takes over the kolam for the beauty aspect.
Take care of health and my prayers for you.